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Today is my Wedding Anniversary....The Boy and I have been married for 6 years!

It's been a great 6 years of mostly ups, a few downs, and some incredible fun along the way. 

You may or may not already know but I'm an eco friendly kind of girl, and The Boy is very obliging, so 6 years ago today we had an eco friendly wedding and I thought today would be the perfect day to tell you all about it.  If you're interested then click HERE to find out more!

Are you married?  What was your wedding like?  What are your top tips for a happily maried life?

These are mine: 
  • Give each other space.  It's great to share common interests and share past times but even though you are married you are still individuals.
  • Never go to bed on an arguement.  Don't let things fester, get it sorted out.  The longer argements fester the more they get distorted with time.  Nip it in the bud, make up and move on.
  • Respect each others points of view.  Even if you don't agree with something, respect each other rights to have differing opinions.
  • LISTEN!  I am rubbish at asking questions and then listening to the answers, or I simply just zone out of the conversation sometimes.  Listening is something I work really hard on, and it's really important.
  • Talk.  Talk about anything and everything, your ambitions, your ideas, your worries.  Talk about the good AND the bad.  Share your thoughts.....and don't forget to listen when the other person is talking! 
  • Laugh.  Have some fun.  Especially when life is rubbish.  

So on this, the 24th of June 2012, I would like to wish The Boy a very happy Wedding Anniversary, thank you for being such an amazing Husband and a fantastic friend! Love you always!  xxx

This is one of my ALL-TIME favourite photos of us.



I'd love to hear what you think about this post, or my blog, feel free to drop me a comment. xx

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