New Beginnings

(Photo courtesy of my brother)

As you may or may not know I've been writing a blog called Vintage Mardle for the last year or so, focusing on all things vintage. since the beginning of 2012 my life has taken many twists and turns and as such I've decided to start a new blog called 'Mardle Made' .....and here it is!

Thanks for stopping by and checking it out, it'll follow all the twists and turns of my life and I'll feature anything which I think others might find interesting.  Check out the about me page to see what I'm all about, hopefully you'll join me on my journey and we can have some fun along the way!

Since the 1st of January I have been rejected for a job, been burgled, learnt to silversmith, opened an new online shop selling handmade silver jewellery, got offered a job and accepted it, made new friends, re-connected with old ones, started doing Bikram Yoga, been lucky enough to go on holiday and started this new blog!  Phew!  I wonder what twists and turns your lives have taken since the start of 2012? 

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