Tuesday is Food Day - Mama's on Washington Square, SF

(Photo courtesy of Mama's)

Mama's on Washington Square, San Francisco, make THE BEST PANCAKES IN THE WORLD EVER! Full stop! That is all!

OK, that's not all.  

I went to Mama's 6 years ago when The Boy and I were on honeymoon and I still dream about the pancakes 6 years on.  When I got home from honeymoon I downloaded a gazillion pancake recipes and worked my way through them all, and none compared.  If you are ever in SF and want pancakes go to Mama's!

Mama's is amazing, and it seems that everyone knows it.  If you go to Mama's be prepared to queue around the corner and down the street!  But don't let this put you off, it is totally worth it....oh and there is a handily situated Newspaper stand right on the corner!

When you get through the door you are greeted by the loveliest people, wanting to serve you the tastiest food in the most friendly atmosphere.  We went here twice on our short 4 day stop in SF.  On our first visit I had the pancakes (I had pancakes almost everyday on honeymoon) but I was also very tempted by the French Toast.  So on the second visit I thought great, I get to try the French Toast this time.....but the pancakes were so I good I couldn't bare the thought of not having them.....so I ordered BOTH!!!!!!  'Piggy!' I hear you cry!  Well yes, I was a piggy but we were flying home that day and I knew I had an 11 hour flight and rubbish plane food ahead of me so I thought I'd fill up on the yummiest food while I could! (And no, they didn't weigh me and add it to my baggage allowance at check in!)

When I said the pancakes were the best ever, well the french toast is too! If I went back today, I'd still order both!  I washed these down with one of their yummy smoothies.  It was perfect!

I'd love to be able to tell you more about the rest of the menu, but I can't, I'm a self confessed pancake addict.  What I can tell you though is there is something for everyone at Mama's and you won't be disappointed, whatever you order.  

Go here, get full, and go back again.  If I lived in SF I would be first in the queue every weekend!  I love you Mama's on Washington Square!

(Our second trip to Mama's and the last day of our Honeymoon.....Pancakes were a must! The French Toast is just out of view)

Have you been to Mama's, what did you think?  What's your favourite thing to eat for breakfast? 

Happy eating my lovelies!  xx

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