Tuesday is Food Day - The Town Mill Bakery

(Photo courtesy of The Town Mill Bakery)

This weeks 'Tuesday is Food Day' is dedicated to one of my all time favourite places......The Town Mill Bakery, Lyme Regis.  I LOVE this place and dearly wish I lived nearer!

The Town Mill Bakery is all about handmade fresh bread, and the yummiest I have ever tasted.  They make all the bread themselves with no added preservatives, stabilisers or other unnecessary additives. The flour is organic and sourced from local mills, and it's all made without using hydrated fats or so-called improvers, softeners or enhancers.  

(Photo courtesy of The Town Mill Bakery)
As well as bread they make amazing cakes, pastries and savoury food.  They open for Breakfast, then close for an hour or two to prepare for lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.  All the food is made using fresh local ingredients and the days menu is written on a board and placed outside just before opening again for lunch.  (I love this feature!)  Every day is different!

(Photo courtesy of The Town Mill Bakery)

(Photo courtesy of The Town Mill Bakery)

The coffee they serve is AMAZING and the Custard Tarts are the best I have EVER eaten.....and I have eaten a lot I can tell you!  If custard tarts are on the menu when I'm visiting then I always have one in the cafe and buy one to have at home the next day......which I then proceed to devour in the car on the journey home! 

I just love everything about this place, the fact that you toast your own bread for breakfast, that everything is self service, that you use wooden boards for plates, and that it's just such a fantastically friendly place to be.

(Photo courtesy of The Town Mill Bakery)
If you don't live near Lyme Regis then fear not, they also have cafes in Sherbourne, Plymouth, The Eden Project....and a little birdie tells me they're opening one in Poundbury in September! 

Well I mean, how could you not like somewhere that makes Eccles Cakes the size of your face!

Happy eating my lovelies!  xx

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