The best laid plans and all that.......

So this weekend didn't turn out as planned......I ended up making a mad dash to Norfolk to see my Nan who had been taken poorly and suddenly took a turn for the worse.  She seems to have come out the other side, but is still a very poorly lady indeed.

On my 5 hour solo-journey I got to thinking about all the things I miss about Norfolk (and Suffolk).....and the things I dont!

 Things I miss:
Family and friends
Roads with flat fields either side as far as the eye can see
Chasing cloud shaddows across fields
The land of the big open sky
Watching the weather roll in
Military planes from the local air bases
Watching fields of barley blowing in the wind
Linear villages
Recognising houses which my old school friends used to live in 
Country roads which go on forever
Village signs
The accent and local dialect
The smell of the country air
Piggies and piglets rolling around in the mud
Overtaking tractors 
Buying eggs and veg from stalls outside peoples houses
Stepping out of your front door right into the countryside
Chasing bunnies in fields
Chasing hares through fields so my Mum can see them!
Cycling on country roads
Higgledy-piggledy rooftops 
Boxing Day Tractor Run!

Things I don't miss:
People who are scared to overtake tractors!
People who drive in the middle of country roads when there is barely enough room for two cars!
Never knowing what the speed limit is as it changes so frequently

I'm very lucky to currently be living on the South Coast, within walking distance of the sea, and one of the best things about no longer living in Norfolk........I get to take my holidays there!!!!

I'll leave you with a few of my favourite photos from recent trips to Norfolk and Suffolk. Enjoy.

Sunset over Winfarthing, taken this weekend.

The Adnams Brewery in Southwold, hidden in some old cottages.

Fish and Chips!!!!  Southwold.

Linear Villages.

Village Sign.

The Mere, Diss.  Where I grew up!

Boxing Day Tractor Run, Larling.

My favourite village sign, featuring the House in the Clouds!

Thorpeness boating lake with the House in the Clouds in the distance.

Have you ever been to Norfolk?  Do you live there?  What are your favourites things about Norfolk?  Never been to Norfolk...what are your favourite things from where you grew up??

Here's hoping you all had a lovely weekend. xx

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