Memories are not in material things

If you read this blog you'll be aware that back in February my house got burgled, and it was devastating.  They took all of my jewellery, most of which was sentimental. 

They took all of my Grandma's jewellery including the only watch my Grandad had ever been able to afford to buy her.  They took my Art Deco ring which The Boy bought me for my 30th Birthday.  They took antique family wedding rings.  They took pretty much everything that I wasn't wearing on that day.

In the beginning I was distraught that my Grandmas jewellery was gone.  I felt that I'd lost her all over again, quite simply I felt sick to my stomach.  I felt as though I had let her down.  They even took the drawers out of her antique oriental jewellery chest, rendering it useless.  As the weeks went on I began to realise that even though her jewellery was incredibly sentimental, it was in fact just stuff.  It didn't hold the memories, I did.  And I started to feel a bit better.  

Every so often when I am flicking through some old photos I come across pictures of me wearing some of my old jewellery and I feel the sadness again.  I see photos of my wedding bracelet which I wore on my wedding day and almost every day of my honeymoon.  I see a beautiful ring which my Mum had bought me for my birthday just last year, and a watch which The Boy had bought me.  But again I remind myself that it was just stuff.

In June my wonderful friend the StickGirl took me to the Pullens Yards Open Studios and to the Alex Monroe Sample Sale.  Here I found a beautiful necklace.

(Photo courtesy of Bargainista Fashionista)
I bought this necklace using some of the insurance money from my Grandmas jewellery and it feels really special.  The tags read 'sweetpea' 'with love' and 'forget me not'.  It also has a tag with a Barny Bee on it, something which reminds me of Norfolk and where both my Grandma and I are from.

Thank you StickGirl and thank you Alex Monroe for making such a beautiful piece of jewellery which once again makes me feel close to my Grandma.

Two days after the burglary I found this passage and I really feel it helped me get through the whole experience.  I hope it helps you in whatever you are dealing with right now.

 I love you Grandma. xx

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