Tuesday is Food Day - Latitude Food!

I know I know, I've done a few posts on Latitude but I promise this one will be the last........well maybe until next year!

I love food and I especially love festival food.  Falafels, salads, chips, pie and mash, burgers, crepes, you name it, I love it!  So for this weeks Tuesday is Food Day I thought I'd share my favourite Latitude Festival food stalls.

The Boy's favourite

The Hurly Burly - Amazing wholesome food, and entertainment to boot

Who doesn't like corn!

Kebabylon - Amazing Lamb Kofta

I LOVE the Airstram trailer

Smooth Criminals - The best smoothies and Chai Latte on site

Pieminister - You can't beat pie and mash when the festival evenings turn a little chilly
I'm addicted to Falafels

Grilled Halloumi Salad from Salad Days, I liked it so much I had it twice!

I like to think that I ate quite healthily during the festival, amongst this lot I only had one cake and one crepe!  In previous years I have definitely over-eaten.....food is my drug of choice! Oh and coffee!

What are your favourite festival foods?  If you're going to any festivals this year, be sure to check out all of the stalls above, especially Smooth Criminals and Salad Days.

Mmmmm....dreaming of festival foods......now what to have for tea???  xx

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