Friday Fancies and Weekend Temptations

A nice spot for lunch!

Wow, it's been another crazy week but a good one.  I've been lucky enough to spend most of this week either walking along rivers or by the sea.....and I get paid for it!  Brilliant!!!!!

This week I've mostly been listening to Radio 2!!!!  And no, it's not because I'm now 32!  I've just changed my car and this one has a radio that works and I love listening to Chris Evans on my commute into work, he cracks me up!

I've mostly been watching the Olympics, I really wish I had the opportunity to go to the Olympic Park.  I really wasn't bothered before it all started but now, well, I'm addicted.  The athletes are so inspiring.  Oh and another reason, there's a Russian gymnast who is the spitting image of me....and I mean IDENTICAL, it's scarey!  It could only be more freaky if she was Ukranian!

I'm coverting a few things this week, and hoping I might get one or two of them for my Birthday! (shhhh.....don't tell anyone, it's today!).

I really love this top by Pigeonsbay Boardriders, available at Big Salty.

I'm also coverting these beautiful storage jars by Camila Prada....I want them ALL!!!!!!!

(Too cute!)

And finally this laptop and phone case from Mujjo on etsy.

(Mmmmm.....tan leather accessories!)

I've been a little naughty and treated myself to a few new bits of kit for the silversmithing studio so really looking forward to making use of those, and hopefully having something to show you all very soon!

This weekend I'm off to the Ringwood and Ellingham Show with one of my besties who I've not seen for ages.  Plus I've been learning all about Agriculture so I'm looking forward to seeing all the animals.
If you're in Dorset why not head down to the Bankes Arms Beer Festival at Studland, or if you fancy something a little different check out the American Pow Wow at Milton Abbas. I think this sounds AWESOME but sadly I can't go.

I've been so super busy I've not had a chance to see what else is going on around the Country........what are you up to this weekend???

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx

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