Radio Silence and A Broken Mercedes!

So, it's been an interesting few weeks!  Apologies for the radio silence but there's been a lot going on......I've been away on training courses in Devon and Solihull, dealing with other job stuff (I'll tell you more next week), my Nan passed away on Friday and to top it all off my car broke down tonight! 

That said I did manage to pop into my favourite shop, The Hambledon Gallery in Blandford, and buy myself a nice new pair of Hudson shoes for the fall (50% off in the sale no less!).

Mmmmmm....tan leather!
I've got another crazy week this week coming what with having to go to Norfolk for the funeral, and having no car!  So hopefully I'll be back to blogging normality the week after.

Hope all is well with you my lovelies. xxx


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