Tuesday is Food Day - The Living Room

One of my favourite meals to eat out is breakfast.  I'm not sure why this is, perhaps it's becuase it feels decadent, or because I'm addicted to pancakes! 

This weekend we took our friends, the Stick People, to our favourite eatery, The Living RoomI think I might have mentioned this place before!  It's a fantastic B&B which has opened it's doors for brunch and coffee from 8am to 2pm.  

The Living Room serves beautiful food, lovingly prepared by their chef, Tansey.  It's eclectic mix of dishes is inspired by their travels in Vancouver, Toronto and New York.  The menu is so enticing I guarranttee you'll be back time and again to try different dishes.  For me it's got to be either (you guessed it) Pancakes or French Toast.  The Boy likes the Hashes and this time went for the Red Flanel Hash, whilst the Stick People went for the Pancakes and The Living Room Breakfast.....and we were all pretty pleased with our choices!

(Clockwise from top left; Breakfast, French Toast, Red Flannel Hash and Pancakes)

Not only is the food amazing but the atmosphere is lovely too, really relaxed and friendly.  There are sofas and plenty of papers to enjoy over your morning coffee.  There's also a garden so you can sit out when the sun is shining.   

If you live in Bournemouth you HAVE to get down to The Living Room, if you don't then why not book a weekend by the sea and stay in their B&B There really is no excuse not to have breakfast here!

 What's your favourite meal to eat out?

I hope to see some of you here real soon! xx

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