Arts by the Sea

The Bournemouth Eye

This weekend saw the beginning of the Arts by the Sea Festival and on Saturday The Boy and I popped down for the opening evening.   I took a few photos but the quality is pretty poor as it was dark by the time we got down there.

The Gallopers

Giant lampshade with seating inside!

Gold leaf covered car!

The Cocktail Lounge.....sadly closed by the time we got there...booo!

Glitter curtain maze

Glitter curtain maze amazement!

Mega-Pong might have been my favourite part of the evening.  An installation by Bournemouth University students as part of their 'Take over the Towers' projection project.  Passers by could play Pong via Motion Detection, with the image projected onto one of the tower blocks of the Lansdowne.  It took me right back to being a child.....needless to say The Boy thrashed my ass!

Earlier in the day I worked the Uni Freshers Fair with the Environment and Energy Stand....but I had time to pick up a few freebies.........

Magazines, vouchers, soup, noodles, tinned tomatoes, high vis vest, slap-on wrist reflector, laptop case, USB memory stick, nail cream, shampoo, chocolate, free swim voucher, orange juice.......not a bad haul if you ask me! 

Oh and I got to eat some amazing cheese courtesy of Slow Food UK.......it was super yummy!(and possibly the biggest truckle of cheese I've ever seen!)

And the wonderful guys at Jimmy's Iced Coffee helped me keep my chin up.......and helped keep me sane amongst the Freshers Fair carnage!

Jimmy's b-e-a-utiful wife Sophie (photo stolen from Jimmy!)

Today The Boy and I went selling at a local car boot sale.  We made a whopping £75.76......which is good because on the way home we broke down in the Mercedes.......AGAIN!

Hey ho.......here endeth another busy weekend, you win some, you lose some!  Right now I'm on the sofa consoling myself with another Jimmys's!

What did you lot get up to this weekend?

Keep your chin up my lovelies. xx



Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

The Hambledon Gallery - Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

So, it's been another fantastic week, topped off with an amazing coffee morning in aid of McMillan Cancer Support.  The wonderful Hambledon Gallery in Blandford was the host and what a fantastic job they did too.  We were kept topped up with coffee and cake, and with 29 raffle prizes everyone was a winner!  The Hambledon Gallery and all their lovely friends and supporters raised £932.37 for a very worthwhile cause.  

In the process I met Tanita Matthews, a trainee journalist, who had actually found out about the event through my blog.......amazing!  So it's true.....people do actually read my blog.....well one person at least!  Tanita (what an beautiful name by the way) has a blog of her own all about The Extraordinary and Strange Exposed (T.E.A.S.E), go check it out, or you can follow her on twitter.

Outfit of the day....Pom Pom Head!

This week at work I've been organising a series of competitions aimed at reducing the gas, electricity and water usage of students residing in our Student Village.  I've been in contact with some amazing local, ethical companies trying to blag some prizes and I've had such a fantastic response, it's been amazing.  Yesterday I received this awesome goodie bag from the wonderful people at Rapanui........I cannot tell you how stoked I am........thanks guys.  Oh and the t-shirts are the softest things I have ever touched!!!  Go check them out!

 Now that the weather has turned I'm definitely thinking about preparing for the dark, cold depths of Winter.......and I want pretty much everything from Yokoo!  I think that one of her amazingly huge scarves would look good, and keep me warm, when I'm riding my new Pashley.....yes, that's right, I've actually gone and bought one.  Photos to come soon.

I've also taken to eating warm lunches and these noodles from Kabuto are great.  I'm looking forward to working my way through the flavours!

This weekend I'll be working at the Uni Freshers Fair.....elbows at the ready for all the freebies.  After that though I'll be heading into Bournemouth as it's the first day of the Arts by the Sea Festival, which runs until the 29th of October.  There's so much happening I couldn't even possibly begin to tell you, so best you head on over to the website.  Tomorrow I am particularly looking forward to; The Vintage Mobile Cinema (12pm until 10pm), Boscombe Vintage Market (in the lower gardens from 1pm until 9pm) and then the vitual demolition of the Imax, Englands most hated building, (9.15pm until 9.30pm).

On Sunday the Boy and I are meant to be selling at a car boot sale BUT we've been invited out for lunch with friends, so we'll just have to wait and see how that one pans out!

What are you guys up to this weekend?  Did any of you make it to a Coffee Morning today?  If so which one?

P.s. I'm watching the shining as I write this........let the nightmares commence!

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Tuesday is Food Day - The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

(The Hambledon Gallery invite)

So this coming Friday is The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning.........all for a great cause, raising money for McMillan Cancer Support.  There are hundreds, if not thousands of coffee mornings being held all across the country and I've taken the day off especially so I can get to one.

I'm gonna be heading over the The Hambledon Gallery in Blandford, Dorset.  It's their 50th Birthday celebrations this year and what better way to celebrate than to show their support for  McMillan Caner Support..........eating cake and supporting charity.....surely that means the calories are cancelled out, right!

Everyone is invited, it's on Friday 28th September, in their shop (40-44 Salisbury Street  Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 7PR) from 10am until 12pm.  There will be lots of coffee and cake, and they'll even be selling tickets for a special prize draw to be held at 11.30am.  The prizes are amazing and include an Alex Monroe Baby Bee Necklace, Miller Harris perfume, a Cath Kidston bag, Chococo chocolates, Hudson shoes, Orla Kiely toiletries and many more.  At just £2 a ticket and in support of McMillan Cancer Support, it would be rude not to!  

So please come along on Friday, or find a coffee morning local to you, it really is a worthy cause.

Are you going to a Coffee Morning?  If so which one?


Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations.......already?

I literally cannot believe it's Friday!  Where on Earth did this week go?  I guess this is what happens when you really enjoy your job......and I LOVE mine!  This week I've been organising an event for the new Freshers, encouraging them to live in an environmentally friendly manner, we even had a Solar Powered Disco....it was AWESOME! 

I'm also lucky enough to work within walking distance of the sea, and I've been making the most of the last days of the summer with some nice lunchtime walks......and an ice cream or two!

I've not really spent much time online this week, so no real Friday Fancies.....and boy is my bank balance happy!  But the one thing that did catch my eye was this film, suggested viewing by The little Red House, and it's an amazing story of hope.  It's only 13 minutes long and well worth a watch.

This weekend I'm hoping to test-ride some Pashleys, have coffee and cake with friends and see some family......nice and relaxing after a couple of hectic weeks.

If you're near the New Forest this weekend why not head to the New Forest Festival.  Or if you're in Derby why not check out Derby Feste.

Whatever you're up to I hope you have a nice relaxing one.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xxx


Tuesday is Food Day

Eat as much Ice Cream as you can, whilst it's still warm enough!

(Photo actually taken last year.  My beautiful ring seen in the photo was stolen when we got burgled in February, and I still miss it)

However I did eat Ice Cream on the beach at lunchtime today where I took this photo.  Lovely!  Life is good!

Now go and get an ice cream!!!!  xx


Renegade Craft Fair - London 2012

This weekend The Boy and I went to London, to the Renegade Craft Fair, and it was amazing!  There was lots to see, and lots to buy, and lots and lots of lovely people to chat to.  Here are a few of my favourite stalls.

Kayleigh O'mara

Heart Zeena

Suzi McLaughlin teaching people how to make paper flowers

Jimbob Art

Art = Happy

Lovely Pigeon

Sean Mort

Love Jules Leather

Just a few of the amazing stalls!  I might have made a few purchases............

Earrings from Lovely Pigeon....I went back later and bought another pair!

Earrings and brooch from Kayleigh O'mara

We stayed in Guildford with our friends The Stickpeople and got up early on Sunday to go car booting........no pictures of this I'm afraid as I was too busy rummaging through junk! 

Our main aim for Sunday was go car shopping but en-route we came across the Tour of Great Britain and decided we should definitely stop and watch the cyclists whizz by, cheering and waving as we did so!

The Peleton

Mark Cavendish
After a spot of car shopping we took an unusual route home and were greeted with lots of amazing vintage cars returning from Goodwood Revival, they whizzed by so quickly we didn't get any snaps of them.....but they were soooooo pretty!......and probably VERY expensive!

All in all I'd say that was one pretty awesome weekend.

What did you guys get up to?  Did you go to the Renegade Craft Fair?  Or perhaps you went to Goodwood Revival. Or maybe you did something completely different.

Happy Monday my lovelies. xxx


Friday Fancies and Weekend Temptations

So my first week in my new job went really well.  I love my new team, I've got a nice desk, my job straddles two campus', which is really nice, and I love the work.  Plus I get time for a coffee in the morning and I have the energy to cook in the evening, and even do a few chores or go out somewhere.  Life, it appears, is back to normal!  The cycling is going ok, I broke myself in gently this week by cycling 3 days and taking a bus for the other two.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy the bus, and it's so nice not to have to drive!

In other news our Mercedes is fixed!  She's beautiful. I missed her!

This week I've mostly been listening to Grizzly bear, and especially love this track

As the weather turns cooler I've been breaking out the autumn clothing and I'm definitely covetting a few warmer items including  these perfect Matchstick jeans by J Crew, but a little pricey for me at £98!  Now just to find an alternative cheaper pair.....any recommendations welcome!

Matchstick jean in Old Glory wash

I'm also loving these His and hers matching crochet slippers!  Wouldn't they be the best 'first christmas' present!  I know, I just said the word CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
His and Hers Crochet Slippers

Aren't these fox earrings just the cuttest!?!

And this jacket would be perfect for the winter cycling to work.

This weekend I'm off to London for the Renegade Craft Fair.  It's at the Old Truman Brewery and will be full of handmade and indie crafts from artists and makers from around the UK.  The Make Lounge will also be there to teach people how to craft their own friendship bracelets, and paper artist Suzi McLaughlin will be teaching paper flower-making.  Mollie Makes will be there with their new lifestyle magazine, The Simple ThingsAnd what’s a fair without music? DJs from London’s Reckless Records will be on-hand spinning tunes.  I'm so excited!!!!  Now just to find some pennies to buy some pretty things!  Oh and I'll try and remember to take some photos.

What are you lot up to this weekend? Are any of you going to The Renegade Craft Fair??   Whatever you are doing I hope you have lots of fun.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Tuesday is Food Day - I LOVE American candy!!!

I LOVE American candy and this weekend I stumbled upon this new store in Wallisdown, Bournemouth....American Fizz.  Needless to say I made The Boy pull the car over immediately at which point I ran in and closely inspected every piece of candy!  It was less of a case of what must I have and more of a case of what can I bare to leave behind and treat myself to next time!!!!

This is my new favourite shop.  Please go and spend your pennies on yummy American candy and soda.  Check out their facebook page for updates on whats coming into the shop and any offers they are running.  Oh and If you don't live in Bournemouth you can buy online from their website.  Go get your American candy fix now!!!

I might have eaten at least half of what I bought already!  I feel a return visit coming on already!

Eat Sweets and be happy (oh and clean your teeth!). xx


The last two weeks according to Instagram

Top: American candy store; Myrtle my 1950 BSA; Wake Cake; Pretty kitty.
Second Row: Lap-time; Ice cream boat-Studland; African singers and dancers; Baby Rhea.
Third Row: Mangosteen Juice; Jasper -my parents dog; Vintage Mardle stock; Bombay Bicycle Club.
Bottom: Golden Retriever Puppy!; Good luck card for my new job; Bournemouth Air Festival; Studland - my first ever swim in the sea in the UK.

Yes, that's right I'm addicted to Instagram, I know I'm about 2 years behind everyone else!  Incase you want to see more you can find me @MardleMade.

What have you been up to lately??

Enjoy. xx


Times like these

Late Summer Lunch with good friends

As you already know it's been a tough few weeks with The Boy and I both loosing a Grandparent and attending the subsequent funerals.  It's times like these that I'm very grateful to have such amazing friends.

Both of our Grandparents were ill for some time and their passing was certainly expected and, if I'm honest, probably wished for to end their suffering.  In the last few months I've made a number of trips to Norfolk to see my Nan and support my Mum, whilst also trying to support The Boy through his loss.  And during this time it's been the constant stream of text messages and phone calls from friends which has helped me through.

I think I've also changed a little, as a person.  I wasn't happy in my job, so I changed it; I've started work on re-opening the Vintage Mardle Boutique on Etsy (more to come about this later in the month) and I've started doing things which I've wanted to try for a long time.......first of which was to swim in the Great British sea for the first time EVER (I'm 32!).   And I loved it! 

So a big thank you goes out to my amazing friends, I'm one very lucky girl.

Here's to having friends. xx


New Beginnings - Round two!

As of Monday I'll be starting a new job as the Environment Officer for Bournemouth University, and I'm super excited, not least because it's only a 15 minute cycle ride from my house!  As sad as I was to leave the Environment Agency I am pleased not to be commuting a 45 minute drive each way.

As an Environment Officer I believe in practicing what I preach and living and working in the same town is very important to me.  With this in mind and thinking about my new cycle commute I've been coveting a few cycling essentials.

This Pashley Pricess Sovereign is on my 'dream list', isn't she beautiful.  I've got a 1950's BSA bicycle but it's not up to a daily commute and this little beauty would be perfect.

PASHLEY  Princess Sovereign click to zoom image

And I'd love one of these Brooklyn Cruiser crates for the rear of the bike.

Or perhaps these waterproof woven wicker panniers from Bobbin Bicycles!

Needless to say, whatever bike I'll be riding, I'm definitely going to need a good pair of waterproofs!!! Oh and a nice safe helmet.

Do any of you cycle to work?  What are your top tips?  I could do with all the help you can offer!!!

Wish me luck with my daily commute!  

Happy Cycling my lovelies!


Friday Fancies and Weekend Temptations

Wow, another week has passed!  It's been another hectic one, when will it stop? I waved my parents off on Monday, sorted out my paperwork for my new job, squeezed in some silversmithing, restocked the Vintage Mardle Shop ready for winter, and today I've been to another funeral, my Husbands lovely Grandad.  Hopefully that's it on the funeral front for a while!

This week I've mostly been listening to Alabama Shakes on vinyl whislt silversmithing and Of Monsters and Men whilst doing other chores around the house.  I've been reminiscing about Latitude and sunny summer days.

I've mostly been reading A Beautiful Mess, a fantastic blog full of creative ideas, fun antics and useful blogger tips.  It's been nice getting back into the blogging world having been away for a few weeks, I've really missed you guys. xx

I'm currently addicted to Anthropologie and think that this shirt would be perfect for Autumn teamed with skinny black jeans and either knee high tan boots or Uggs.

I also love this dress from Anthropologie, I just don't have an occasion which warrants me buying it, never mind the many pennies it requires!

If you're at a loose end this weekend why not head to Brighton and Hove Food Festival or why not return to your childhood and head for igfest in Bristol, a festival of interesting games you play in the street........is it me or does this sound AMAZING!?!

Amongst other things this weekend I'll be heading over to Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival (if my car is mended in time!).  It's an annual tradition, but I have to say I am seriously tempted by igfest!!  I want to play games in the street!!!!

What re your plans for the weekend?  After reading this perhaps you'll play some games in the street.....traffic permitting of course!

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Dreaming of Alex Monroe

I'm so excited to tell you about the new Alex Monroe collection 'Dream of Me'!  It's viewable online from tomorrow and available to purchase from Friday........I can't wait!!!! 

I'm hoping to find another beautiful necklace or maybe a ring.  I bought this special necklace at Alex's summer sample sale at Pullens Yard (read about it here) and having never been able to wear necklaces, they make me claustrophobic, I LOVE it! It's so delicate I hardly even know it's there.

Right I'm off to set my alarm and check my bank balance, although we all know I won't take any notice of what it says!!!  he he!!!!

Let me know if you buy something. 

Happy shopping my lovelies. xx 


Tuesday is Food Day - Food Blogs

Life is still pretty busy so I thought for this weeks Tuesday is Food Day I'd just do a quick post pointing you towards some of  my favourite food blogs.  I hope you enjoy.

Smitten Kitchen is amazing, a good mix of savoury and sweet and all completely manageable at home!  

Everybody Likes Sandwiches, super yummy recipes, and some amazingly tastely salads.

Stately Sandwiches, I get really bored of eating the same old sandwiches and this blog is AMAZING and really helps me mix things up a bit! I especially love the way the food is laid out in the photos.

The Little Red House, I love ALL of this blog, but the recipes section is especially good.  Sheena places a real emphasis on locally sourced food and I love it.  I'm also just a little jealous of her amazing hair!
What are your favourite food blogs?  I'd love to know. 

Happy eating my lovelies. xx


Bournemouth Air Festival

This weekend my parents came down and we all went to the amazing Bournemouth Air Festival.  It's one of my favourite weekends and I feel so lucky that it takes place right on my doorstep.........and it's FREE!!!!!!

We saw lots of aircraft including the Red Arrows, The Vulcan, Chinook helicopters, Breitling Wing Walkers, Tornados, The Catalina Flying Boat, King Air, Miss Demeanour, The Black Cat helicopter display team and many many more.  Whilst we enjoyed watching the displays and listening to the roar of all the planes my Dad enjoyed taking some photos.  Here's a small selection, of the very many, he took.

The Red Arrows and the Jon Egging Memorial

The Red Arrows are my Mums favourite display team and she was especially sad last year when Flt Lt Jon Egging (Red 4) lost his life after is plane came down at the end of their display at Bournemouth.  The Jon Egging Memorial is a fitting tribute to him, and was designed by local school children at Kinson Primary School.  Jons wife, Emma, has also set up the Jon Egging Trust which creates partnerships and develops opportunities for young people who are under-achieving in the formal education system and links them with inspirational people and environments connected to aviation.   If you can spare any pennies please do consider making a donation.

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

Breitling Wing Walkers

The Avro Vulcan, my favourite plane of all time!
The Avro Vulcan is my favourite plane of all time, I remember going to see her display at all the air shows in East Anglia when I was little, yes that's right, I'm a bit of a plane nerd!  This Vulcan, the XH558, is the only Vulcan in the world still flying today and it's all down to the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, it's volunteers, and all the wonderful people and organisations who make the donations needed to keep her flying.  If you saw her this weekend, or during any of her displays this summer please consider making a donation to keep her flying.

Chinook helicopter over HMS York (one for my Brother)

And during all of this the beach and sea users were all kept safe under the watchful eye of the wonderful RNLI.

Did you go to the Bournemouth Air festival?  What was your favourite display?

If not, what did you get up to this weekend? 

Whatever you did I hope you had lots of fun.

Happy Monday my lovelies. xx 



1st of September.........already???

How on earth is it the 1st of September already!?!  We are just eeking out the dregs of Summer in England, every last bit of sun counts considering the wet summer we've had.  That said I have to say I am looking forward to Autumn, and the start of feeling snug and cosy......here's what I'm coveting for the cooler days.

This Giza Wool Scarf from Plumo is beautiful, big enough to wrap around your shoulders on cooler nights but super cosy to snuggle up in for Winter....and the colours are amazing!


This sweater from Anthropologie is the perfect Autumn staple, snug but with 1/2 length sleeves it's the perfect cover up for the ever so slightly chillier days.

And these Hudson boots are perfect for the chilly evenings which don't require something sheepskin-lined but are too cold for flip-flops or ballet flats!

Are you looking forward to Autumn?  What are you coveting for the cooler days?

Happy September my lovelies! xx
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