Arts by the Sea

The Bournemouth Eye

This weekend saw the beginning of the Arts by the Sea Festival and on Saturday The Boy and I popped down for the opening evening.   I took a few photos but the quality is pretty poor as it was dark by the time we got down there.

The Gallopers

Giant lampshade with seating inside!

Gold leaf covered car!

The Cocktail Lounge.....sadly closed by the time we got there...booo!

Glitter curtain maze

Glitter curtain maze amazement!

Mega-Pong might have been my favourite part of the evening.  An installation by Bournemouth University students as part of their 'Take over the Towers' projection project.  Passers by could play Pong via Motion Detection, with the image projected onto one of the tower blocks of the Lansdowne.  It took me right back to being a child.....needless to say The Boy thrashed my ass!

Earlier in the day I worked the Uni Freshers Fair with the Environment and Energy Stand....but I had time to pick up a few freebies.........

Magazines, vouchers, soup, noodles, tinned tomatoes, high vis vest, slap-on wrist reflector, laptop case, USB memory stick, nail cream, shampoo, chocolate, free swim voucher, orange juice.......not a bad haul if you ask me! 

Oh and I got to eat some amazing cheese courtesy of Slow Food UK.......it was super yummy!(and possibly the biggest truckle of cheese I've ever seen!)

And the wonderful guys at Jimmy's Iced Coffee helped me keep my chin up.......and helped keep me sane amongst the Freshers Fair carnage!

Jimmy's b-e-a-utiful wife Sophie (photo stolen from Jimmy!)

Today The Boy and I went selling at a local car boot sale.  We made a whopping £75.76......which is good because on the way home we broke down in the Mercedes.......AGAIN!

Hey ho.......here endeth another busy weekend, you win some, you lose some!  Right now I'm on the sofa consoling myself with another Jimmys's!

What did you lot get up to this weekend?

Keep your chin up my lovelies. xx



  1. This looks like such an amazing event!

    1. It's amazing, there is so much to see and do and a lot of events are being held in buildings you wouldn't normally go in. I'm particularly looking forward to an event in the End of the Pier Theatre.



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