Friday Fancies and Weekend Temptations

Wow, another week has passed!  It's been another hectic one, when will it stop? I waved my parents off on Monday, sorted out my paperwork for my new job, squeezed in some silversmithing, restocked the Vintage Mardle Shop ready for winter, and today I've been to another funeral, my Husbands lovely Grandad.  Hopefully that's it on the funeral front for a while!

This week I've mostly been listening to Alabama Shakes on vinyl whislt silversmithing and Of Monsters and Men whilst doing other chores around the house.  I've been reminiscing about Latitude and sunny summer days.

I've mostly been reading A Beautiful Mess, a fantastic blog full of creative ideas, fun antics and useful blogger tips.  It's been nice getting back into the blogging world having been away for a few weeks, I've really missed you guys. xx

I'm currently addicted to Anthropologie and think that this shirt would be perfect for Autumn teamed with skinny black jeans and either knee high tan boots or Uggs.

I also love this dress from Anthropologie, I just don't have an occasion which warrants me buying it, never mind the many pennies it requires!

If you're at a loose end this weekend why not head to Brighton and Hove Food Festival or why not return to your childhood and head for igfest in Bristol, a festival of interesting games you play in the street........is it me or does this sound AMAZING!?!

Amongst other things this weekend I'll be heading over to Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival (if my car is mended in time!).  It's an annual tradition, but I have to say I am seriously tempted by igfest!!  I want to play games in the street!!!!

What re your plans for the weekend?  After reading this perhaps you'll play some games in the street.....traffic permitting of course!

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx

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