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The Hambledon Gallery - Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

So, it's been another fantastic week, topped off with an amazing coffee morning in aid of McMillan Cancer Support.  The wonderful Hambledon Gallery in Blandford was the host and what a fantastic job they did too.  We were kept topped up with coffee and cake, and with 29 raffle prizes everyone was a winner!  The Hambledon Gallery and all their lovely friends and supporters raised £932.37 for a very worthwhile cause.  

In the process I met Tanita Matthews, a trainee journalist, who had actually found out about the event through my blog.......amazing!  So it's true.....people do actually read my blog.....well one person at least!  Tanita (what an beautiful name by the way) has a blog of her own all about The Extraordinary and Strange Exposed (T.E.A.S.E), go check it out, or you can follow her on twitter.

Outfit of the day....Pom Pom Head!

This week at work I've been organising a series of competitions aimed at reducing the gas, electricity and water usage of students residing in our Student Village.  I've been in contact with some amazing local, ethical companies trying to blag some prizes and I've had such a fantastic response, it's been amazing.  Yesterday I received this awesome goodie bag from the wonderful people at Rapanui........I cannot tell you how stoked I am........thanks guys.  Oh and the t-shirts are the softest things I have ever touched!!!  Go check them out!

 Now that the weather has turned I'm definitely thinking about preparing for the dark, cold depths of Winter.......and I want pretty much everything from Yokoo!  I think that one of her amazingly huge scarves would look good, and keep me warm, when I'm riding my new Pashley.....yes, that's right, I've actually gone and bought one.  Photos to come soon.

I've also taken to eating warm lunches and these noodles from Kabuto are great.  I'm looking forward to working my way through the flavours!

This weekend I'll be working at the Uni Freshers Fair.....elbows at the ready for all the freebies.  After that though I'll be heading into Bournemouth as it's the first day of the Arts by the Sea Festival, which runs until the 29th of October.  There's so much happening I couldn't even possibly begin to tell you, so best you head on over to the website.  Tomorrow I am particularly looking forward to; The Vintage Mobile Cinema (12pm until 10pm), Boscombe Vintage Market (in the lower gardens from 1pm until 9pm) and then the vitual demolition of the Imax, Englands most hated building, (9.15pm until 9.30pm).

On Sunday the Boy and I are meant to be selling at a car boot sale BUT we've been invited out for lunch with friends, so we'll just have to wait and see how that one pans out!

What are you guys up to this weekend?  Did any of you make it to a Coffee Morning today?  If so which one?

P.s. I'm watching the shining as I write this........let the nightmares commence!

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


  1. Barbara Whittingham29 September 2012 at 08:40

    Hi Emma, I've just read your blog - you are a natural born writer! I went to a MacMillan Coffee Morning at my niece Siobhan's yesterday. She had made lots of lovely cakes - scones, brownees, millionnaire's shortbread and cupcakes. As I'm on my diet I asked her if I could take a couple home for Barry and she very kindly plated up one of each! Barry thoroughly enjoyed them later with his lunch (I have to confess to a couple of bites from the cupcake!). It is such a worthwhile cause and I found out last night that I've won a raffle prize too - bonus! Hope you have a lovely weekend. xxx

    1. Hey Barbara, thanks for reading, glad you like it. Glad you made it to the coffee morning and got to at least taste a bit fo the cake. I might have had 3 bits of cake.....and took two pieces home.....only one of which I gave to The Boy!!! he he!!!


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