New Beginnings - Round two!

As of Monday I'll be starting a new job as the Environment Officer for Bournemouth University, and I'm super excited, not least because it's only a 15 minute cycle ride from my house!  As sad as I was to leave the Environment Agency I am pleased not to be commuting a 45 minute drive each way.

As an Environment Officer I believe in practicing what I preach and living and working in the same town is very important to me.  With this in mind and thinking about my new cycle commute I've been coveting a few cycling essentials.

This Pashley Pricess Sovereign is on my 'dream list', isn't she beautiful.  I've got a 1950's BSA bicycle but it's not up to a daily commute and this little beauty would be perfect.

PASHLEY  Princess Sovereign click to zoom image

And I'd love one of these Brooklyn Cruiser crates for the rear of the bike.

Or perhaps these waterproof woven wicker panniers from Bobbin Bicycles!

Needless to say, whatever bike I'll be riding, I'm definitely going to need a good pair of waterproofs!!! Oh and a nice safe helmet.

Do any of you cycle to work?  What are your top tips?  I could do with all the help you can offer!!!

Wish me luck with my daily commute!  

Happy Cycling my lovelies!


  1. I've been coveting a Pashley for some time..a gloss cream one with claret mud guards, oh my! Am loving the panniers though, what helmet to wear though??

  2. I've been coveting a similar Pashley for some time now, a cream gloss one with claret colour mudguards...oh my! Loving the panniers. What helmet though??

    1. Ooooh, that colour-way sounds lush! Yeah, helmets are alwas the issue. I'm not sure there is a helmet which fits with the bike, personally I gt a white cannonball as it was on sale at just £10!!!! But I have to say I look a bit special!



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