Renegade Craft Fair - London 2012

This weekend The Boy and I went to London, to the Renegade Craft Fair, and it was amazing!  There was lots to see, and lots to buy, and lots and lots of lovely people to chat to.  Here are a few of my favourite stalls.

Kayleigh O'mara

Heart Zeena

Suzi McLaughlin teaching people how to make paper flowers

Jimbob Art

Art = Happy

Lovely Pigeon

Sean Mort

Love Jules Leather

Just a few of the amazing stalls!  I might have made a few purchases............

Earrings from Lovely Pigeon....I went back later and bought another pair!

Earrings and brooch from Kayleigh O'mara

We stayed in Guildford with our friends The Stickpeople and got up early on Sunday to go car booting........no pictures of this I'm afraid as I was too busy rummaging through junk! 

Our main aim for Sunday was go car shopping but en-route we came across the Tour of Great Britain and decided we should definitely stop and watch the cyclists whizz by, cheering and waving as we did so!

The Peleton

Mark Cavendish
After a spot of car shopping we took an unusual route home and were greeted with lots of amazing vintage cars returning from Goodwood Revival, they whizzed by so quickly we didn't get any snaps of them.....but they were soooooo pretty!......and probably VERY expensive!

All in all I'd say that was one pretty awesome weekend.

What did you guys get up to?  Did you go to the Renegade Craft Fair?  Or perhaps you went to Goodwood Revival. Or maybe you did something completely different.

Happy Monday my lovelies. xxx

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