Tuesday is Food Day - I LOVE American candy!!!

I LOVE American candy and this weekend I stumbled upon this new store in Wallisdown, Bournemouth....American Fizz.  Needless to say I made The Boy pull the car over immediately at which point I ran in and closely inspected every piece of candy!  It was less of a case of what must I have and more of a case of what can I bare to leave behind and treat myself to next time!!!!

This is my new favourite shop.  Please go and spend your pennies on yummy American candy and soda.  Check out their facebook page for updates on whats coming into the shop and any offers they are running.  Oh and If you don't live in Bournemouth you can buy online from their website.  Go get your American candy fix now!!!

I might have eaten at least half of what I bought already!  I feel a return visit coming on already!

Eat Sweets and be happy (oh and clean your teeth!). xx

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