Tuesday is Food Day - New Eats!

So I'm pretty much working my way round all the cafe's and coffee shops in Bournemouth and doing pretty well I must say!  Sometimes I go alone, sometimes I meet friends.  It's a good hobby, one I enjoy muchly!  There's a cafe called Little Pickle Deli Cafe which has been open a while now which I've yet to try and really must make the effort to go to....I hear lots of good things about this place but everytime I'm passing it's full.....surely a good sign!

(Photo from their Facebook page)
Although there are still some places on my list to visit there are a few new eateries opening in Bournemouth over the coming month or two which I can't wait to try.  The first is Monty's Lounge, in Pokesdown, I hear rumour that they might be open by the end of November!  Monty's will be serving some of the best in quality local food and drink from Dorset and Hampshire!  Awesome!  For updates on their opening checkout their Facebook Page, Website, or follow them on twitter @montyslounge.  I can't wait for Monty's to open!

(Taken from Monty's Lounge Facebook Page)
 I also here tell that there is a new coffee shop, come chocolatier, come bakery opening in Bournemouth Town Centre, called Barroca. It's set to serve coffee in lounge area, run chocolate workshops in the back and it's even set to open a bakery on the premises too!  For more info check out Up to Speed News

And finally I can't wait for the relocation of Poppy Mae from Westbourne to Bournemouth.  They serve amazing coffee, the best Chai Latte and beautiful fresh local food.  They are currently knee deep in ronovation dust but check out their Facebook page for progress on their new location.

Have you got any tops tips on good cafe's in Bournemouth and Dorset?  Or do you kow of any new ones opening soon?  I'd love to know, especially if they are independents.

Happy Tuesday my lovelies. xx


Outfit of the Day - Colour Pop!

Cardigan: American Vintage
Red Top: Primark
White Top: Gap
Skirt: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Boots: Full Circle (from 2007)

I wore this outfit to work last week and I love this top because it adds a colour pop to my basic outfit.  I try not to buy too many things from Primark, mostly because I like to buy quality items that will last, but the colour of this top really caught my eye. Oh and a top tip, Primark make great tights!

I've recently bought a couple of these skirts, they're super stretchy and easy to ride in but I have to say it took me a couple of weeks to pluck up the courage to wear them to work!  I wasn't sure they were becoming of  my age (I'm only 32, 32!) but no-one batted an eyelid.....or at least I didn't hear any murmurs behind my back!  he he!  Phew!

Anywho, I hope you are enjoying these outfit posts, I love finding suitable mirrors to take photos in...although this does take me into many shops and I'm not sure how well my bank balance is coping!

Happy Monday my lovelies.xx


Outfit of the Day - Welsh Wool Warmth!

Welsh Wool Cardigan: Vintage
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Uggs (this is their 5th winter!)
Bag: Vintage
Sunnies: Ray Bans

I wore this outfit yesterday to the Wimborne Food Festival, and boy was I glad to be wearing something so cosy and warm!  The temperature has dropped from a lovely 15 degrees to 5 drgrees, literally overnight.  It's a bit of a shock to the system I can tell you!

The Boy bought me this cardigan for my birthday last year.  I found it in a Vintage Market but couldn't justify buying it (I was jobless and pennyless at the time) and he knew that it was special and we'd never find another one like it.  I loved it as soon as I saw it and when I tried it on I loved it just that little bit more.

I like to wear it with my Uggs on especially cold days or with my Toast Cavalry Boots when I need to be warm but a little smarter.  It looks equally as good with blue or black jeans and fits over my jumpers nicely.  I get compliments on it wherever I go.

Do you buy vintage pieces?  Have you ever walked away from an item you wished you hadn't?  The Boy is so good to me, I know that if he hadn't bought it for me I'd still be thinking about it to this day.

Keep warm my lovelies. xx


Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

Another busy week done!  This week started with a trip to the dentist, not great....I'm so phobic I have to take sedatives just for a check-up!  No work required though so that's a bonus! Work has been super busy, we've been recruiting some Green Ambassadors amongst the student population which has been really good fun and the schedule for Green Week has been finalised and promoted.  Phew!

Inside The Pier Theatre, before the Zombies arrived.....and there were many!

On Thursday evening The Boy, some friends, and I went to a showing of Shaun of the Dead at The Pier Theatre followed by an 'After-Dead' Zombie party! It was awesome!  It was part of the Arts by the Sea Festival which finishes the weekend. It was the first time I've ever been to The Pier Theatre and it was lovely, a real treat.  I think there should be a weekly film showing, especially in the winter season, I'd definitely go. 

And now it's Friday I am knackered!  A good feed up and sleep is definitely in order!

This week I've been coveting a few things, which have made it onto my Christmas list, including this Tea Towel,  this stamp set, and these super cute earringsDo you write Christmas lists?

Elsewhere on the web:

This footage of some playful foxes jumping on a trampoline is just too cute!

Delightfully Tacky is my new blog crush! 

I'm addicted to this Lemongrass Tea.

This weekend The Boy and I will be going to Wimborne Food Festival, and I'll be popping into Waitrose to get my hands on some Jimmy's Gingerbread Iced Coffee.  We're also looking forward to spending lots of time with family and generally catching up on life!

If you are in London why not check out the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition at the Royal Observatory.

Or if you're in Norwich and like vintage then why not pop along to The Little Vintage Lovers Fair on Saturday or the Sip & Shop Vintage Sale on Sunday.  Oh and don't forget to drop by Prim Vintage, it's the best vintage shop in the city.

What are you up to htis weekend?

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx



Do you do Yoga?  I've been practicing yoga for years and I love it!  The time I dedicate to my practice each week is time that I dedicate to myself.....and believe it or not to others.  Yoga makes me a better person and therefore means I can do more for others.

I ususally go to my yoga class every Thursday evening but this evening I'm missing it (The Boy is taking me to a showing of Shaun of the Dead at The Pier Theatre as part of Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival).  I practice every week with an amazing teacher called Sandi.  Admittedly I missed a few sessions when I started my new job but I'm back into the swing of things now.  I try to practicce at least once a week at home but it doesn't always happen.  Before I go out this evening, and before The Boy gets home, I'm going to do a little home practice and thought I'd share it with you.

When I'm practicing at home, sometimes I follow my own routine, sometimes I practice my Sun Salutations to the chants from Guru Dev and sometimes I follow Chaz from YogamazingDo you use Yogamazing? 

This Sunday I'm also starting a new monthly class with Sandi focusing on Flow Yoga.  I'm super excited.  If you are interested you can find out more here.

I'm also going to try and get back to Bikram Yoga, perhaps on the opposite weekend to the Flow Yoga class.  You can read about my very first Bikram Experience here.

Om Shanti my lovelies. xx


Outfit of the Day - Time for Scarves!

Jacket: American Vintage
T-Shirt: Gap
Skirt: American Vintage
Tights: Primark
Boots: Toast
Scarf: Melabelle
Earrings & Bracelets: Mardle Made

I love a good scarf and this one from Melabelle is my favourite.  The petrol blue colour is beautiful, and the pattern makes me think of the seaside on a brisk winters day.  Melabelle has fast become one of my favourite brands.  They're a relatively new British Fashion Brand created by Bella Cager.  I own a few Mellabelle pieces, including a dress in the same pattern as the scarf, and the cut of the clothes, as well as the materials used, are perfect.  The clothes are feminine yet not fussy, classic but with a modern twist and above all else stylish.  I know I'll be wearing all of my Melabelle pieces for years to come.   In fact I've got my eye one a few items from the A/W collection, including this Tunic, this Dress oh and this scarf from their sale too.

As I've mentioned before I also love American Vintage.  Their clothes are perfect for work, they are smart yet edgy and really enable you to show your personality in the office.  Plus they are made out of the softest materials, some days I'm so comfy I feel like I'm wearing my PJ's to work! They are perfect for my cycle commute too, allowing the freedom of movement required! I'm currently covetting this cardigan in green.

I like to buy things that won't go out of fashion, I think it's the Eco Warrior in me, fashion can be so fast and I want to make sure I buy things I'll want to wear for the life of the product.  Melabelle and American Vintage fit this bill perfectly.  Well designed clothes, made from top quality materials with designs to cut a dash through any trend.

What are your favourite brands?  Have you discovered any new desingers or fashion brands recently?

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx



The Puurrrrrrrfect Weekend

This weekend was pretty perfect, a lazy Saturday lay-in with SootyCat snuggles to boot, a few chores, coffee and cake with a friend followed by a few more chores and then a chinese take out with more friends.

Sunday brought a breakfast date with some lovely girlfriends, a trip to the Global Market, some work on the Vintage Mardle shop, baking, pie and roasties, snuggling with The Boy in the evening and watching the film Telstar.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Happy Monday my lovelies. xx


Outfit of the Day - Welsh Wool and Obby Oss!

Welsh Wool Waistcoat:  Vintage, thrifted
Top:  Gap
Jeggings:  Gap
Boots:  Toast
Earrings: The Blue Wing Gallery
Sunnies:  Ray Bans

I wore this to work yesterday for 'Dress Down Friday' and I have to say I was more than a little scared!  I love this waistcoat but at only 5 weeks into the new job I wondered if it was a little bit too 'special' for the new workplace!  But hey, I love my vintage pieces and figured sod-it, I'm wearing it, I don't care what anybody else thinks.....but they loved it!  Phew!

Autumn is a funny old season here in England, one minute it's warm then the next it's blowing a hooly, so this waistcoat was the perfect choice, warm enough but not too warm and what with it being wool it's a good temperature regulator.

The earrings are a pair of my favourites.  I bought them on May Day whilst on holiday in beautiful Padstow, Cornwall, and I call them my Obby Oss earrings.  They are from the Blue Wing Gallery and I really wish I'd taken the name of the silversmith as I'd love to know who actually made them.  They're even more special as they were one of the first pairs of earrings I bought after all my jewellery got stolen and they remind me of fun, sunny, holiday days with The Boy. 

Have you ever worn something to work that you just weren't sure they were ready for?  Please tell me you have!

 Happy Weekend my lovelies. xx


Friday Fancies and Weekend Temptations

Our first guest post here on Daily Dishonesty comes from my super-talented friend, Simon Ă…lander. And sure, he’ll “do it later”….
(Illustration from here)

This is what I say every day.......

.......but I never get round to doing whatever it is that I'm meant to have done!  Well this week was different......I did it!  I actually set a night aside to work on my Mardle Made and Vintage Mardle things!  That said I'm so behind I don't really feel like I got much done, but I did, and as they say every little helps!

As it gets chilly here in England I can think of nothing nicer than doing some baking on a Sunday morning and then snuggling on the sofa under a blanket......and this would do just nicely!

I've also got my eye on some cardigans, perfect for layering up and keeping warm, and this little beauty is definitely one of them.

On a whole different tangent this footage from the chest camera of Felix Baumgarter is amazing! Did you watch his leap from space?  I was glued to the TV!

This weekend I'm hoping to get some more work on the various 'Mardles' done and also head over to the Global Market in Bournemouth Square!  Yummy! Then on Sunday I'm off out for a breakfast date with my Girlies, followed by some baking and snuggling with The Boy.....perfect!

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival continues and if I get chance I'd also like to go to the Reframing Bournemouth - Map making workshop at Flirt Cafe Bar.  It sounds really interesting, exploring how you use Bournemouth seafront and creating Psychogeographic maps.......interesting!  I'm also interested in going to see the photographic exhibition at Bournemouth Library celebrating 21 years of The Big Issue.......too many good things going on!

If you're in Manchester this weekend or over the coming week why not check out the Free For Arts Festival.

Or if you're in London and like photography or wildlife, why not check out The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition at the Natural History Museum.

What are you up to this weekend?  Do you have a weekend ritual like baking on a Sunday morning or breakfast with friends, or do you just see what's going on and dive right in?

Whatever you're up to I hope you have a great one.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Outfit of the Day - 18.10.12 The Redundancy Blazer!

Vintage Blazer - Gift
Black top - Gap
Trousers - Mango
Boots - Pied a Terre (old faithfuls!)
Brooch - Pierre Bex (gift)
Sunnies - Ray Bans
Bag - Vintage

So you've gathered by now that I always wear my sunnies!  If they're not on my face then they're on my head!

I love this outfit.  I wore it to work for an impoartant meeting with one of our contractors.  I think it looks smart but with added personality, I'm clearly not just another 'suit'!

The blazer was a gift from a friend, she'd bought it for herself but it didn't fit so re-gifted it to me.....and best of all, it was from a charity shop!  The first time I wore it I got made redundant.......but that was in fact one of the best things to ever happen to me!  So I named it, The Redundancy Blazer!  I love that it's grey but with lots of colourful flecks, and it's nice and warm too.  Plus it has the most beautiful tailoring, which you can't tell from my geurilla photos!

The vintage brooch was a gift from The Boy, it's beautiful.  It's by a French designer called Pierre Bex.  Pierres work is all in an Art Deco style (my favourite era) and every piece was made in France between 1960 and 1980.  Since then The Boy has found a couple of other pieces........mostly from car boot sales and charity shops.  He has a good eye for these things. 

I find work trousers so difficult, they're so boring!  And not only that but I've got a 34" inside leg so it's difficult to find them long enough.  These ones from Mango are not only long enough but comfy enough to cycle in too.  I prefer to wear this blazer with skinny jeans but it does wonders for plain black trousers too.

Do you have a staple piece of clothing which goes with everything?

It's almost the weekend, hang on in there my lovelies. xx


Outfit of the Day - 17/10/12

Black Leather Jacket - Vintage
Tunic - American Vintage
Snood - Numph
Leggings - Gap
Boots - Toast
Bag - Vintage
Sunnies - Ray Bans
Bangle & Ring - Mardle Made

I wore this outfit both to work and to an evening girlie stitch and knit yesterday.  It's one of my favourite Autumn outfits and I love it's simplicity.  I never used to be big on black but I've recently grown to love charcoal....... and American Vintage are really good at it.  I got the tunic after seeing my friend Bargainista Fashionista sporting a similar one she'd found in the sales a couple of years ago.  It's perfect with a pair of leggings and looks great layered up with a cardi, jacket, cape or snood. 

These tunics and leggings are perfect for cycling too, they're more relaxed and comfy than proper 'office wear' but also smart enough for the work I do.  Plus I think they look great when I'm riding Mildred, my Pashley, I'll blog about this some more soon.

The bangle and ring are ones I made in my silversmithing classes and I'm in the porcess of making some more for the shop.....watch this space!  I'm so chuffed with the ring, I've always wanted one so I thought it would be the perfect piece to make.....I couldn't stop looking at it when it was completed!  It's called a spinner ring but they're often referred to as worry rings as people spin the outer rings when pondering on a dilema or two.  They are so tactile, I love them, oh and they make a great noise too.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, I'd had such a busy day running around between meetings that I didn't get a change to take any half decent photos (although to be honest, between you and me, they're all geurilla photos, snapped in changing rooms, staff loos or anywhere with a full length mirror!.......as if you didn't already know!). I had to ask my friend to hold up a mirror, which she dutifully did, hiding behind it!  My friends are the best!

Anywho, I hope you are enjoying these new posts.  I'd love to know what you think.

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx


Tuesday is Food Day - Chocolate Oaty Balls!

(Photo from here)

So I wouldn't normally repost something I've read on another blog but at the weekend Orchid Grey pointed us towards these little beauties and I just had to share them with you!  Don't they look amazing!  They are from Sprouted Kitchen, whose whole ethos is a tastier take on whole foods........now this sounds good!  As soon as I can get to the shops to pick up a few of the ingredients I'm lacking, I will be baking these!

I'm also hoping that these will be like some beautiful chocolate oaty morsels which my Danish friend got me addicted to, I think they are called Chokoladbollar.  They were so tasty!  I miss them!

I'll let you know how I get on........let me know if you bake them too.

Enjoy!  xx


Life according to Instagram!

Cats, food, clothes, more cats, coffee, records and more food!  That pretty much says it all!

What does your instagram say about you?

Happy snapping. xx


Outfit of the Day - 13/10/12

Blue Leather Jacket - Vintage (one of my many!)
Top - Supremebeing (bought from Petrus Design, Cambridge)
Jeans - Great Plains (bought from The Hambledon Gallery)
Boots - Pied a Terre (bought a number of years ago)
Bag - Vintage
Sunnies - Ray Bans, Laramie
Jewellery: Mardle Made and gifts from The Boy

I wore this outfit yesterday on 'Dress Down Friday' at work. The top is new, bought on a recent trip to Cambridge, the home of Supremebeing.  I've had so many compliments on it, and I love the button down back.

The jeans are my new discovery, I've got a 34 inch inside leg and I discovered these jeans in The Hambledon Gallery summer sale.  I have since purchased at least one more pair of jeans by Great Plains, when you find a brand that makes them in your size I say buy as many as you can!

I really liked this outfit for work as it's relaxed yet still neat.  I struggle to know what to wear to work as I usually look more presentable when I'm dressed casually than when I dress in 'office mode'!

Do you have dress down Friday at work?  What are your 'office wear' staples?

Happy Weekend my lovelies!  xx


Friday Fancies and Weekend Temptations

Wow, another week passes.....I know I say it every week but where does the time go!!!!!  I spent the first half of this week on the sofa nursing a cold, which by the way is lingering on, why do they do that! 

My view on Monday and Tuesday!

I made it back to work on Wednesday and have been busy organising a Green Week in November, planning lots of activities and stalls, it's been hectic but fun!  I'm loving my new job, lots to do and all of it interesting!  I've also been busy prepping lots of winter stock for Vintage Mardle......I'm hoping to have the shop open by next weekend.....I'll keep you posted!

Sneak peak of a few items in the Vintage Mardle Shop!

And as you may have noticed I've introduced a new feature to the blog.....Outfit of the Day....it's more likely to be outfit of the week but we'll see how we go.

Yesterdays Outfit of the Day.
This weekend I'm heading to a gig, a band which The Boy says we saw at Latitude,  Apparently I liked them but I can't rememebr!  I must have seen over 20 bands that weekend! We're hoping to head over to the Eat Dorset Food Fair on Saturday and we'll be firmly planted on the sofa for the F1 on Sunday.

Don't forget that Bournemouth Arts by The Sea Festival is ongoing......This weekend I'm particularly looking forward to Bournemouth Natural Science Society Open Weekend, but will be very sad to miss The Paper Cinema's Odyssey at the Pier Theatre tonight and  The Big Sand Castle Build on Saturday, go check them out!

Elsewhere in Dorset, the Purbeck Film Festival starts today, two weeks of fantastic films in stunning rural locations.  This years theme is movie comedy and the icon is Elizabeth Taylor.

If you are in London, fear not, the BFI London Film Festival started on Wednesday and runs until the 21st of October.

Or if you're in Brighton why not check out the Comedy Festival.

What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx 


Outfit of the Day - 10/10/12

So I'm gonna try out a new little feature......Outfit of the Day.  I can't promise an outfit everyday, but when I get a chance, and I'm wearing something vaguely interesting, I'll try and pop a post up on the blog.  So here goes......

Leather Jacket: Vintage (previously blogged about here)
Dress: Aubin & Wills (roughly 2010)
Leggings: Gap, last year
Shoes: Hudson (bought in the sale from The Hambledon Gallery)
Bag: Vintage
Jewellery: mostly Mardle Made or gifts from The Boy
Sunglasses: Ray Bans, style Laramie

This is one of my favourite fall outfits.......which I team with Ugg boots and an oversize scarf or snood for winter.  I love these tunic dresses from Aubin & Wills, if you follow me on Instagram you will already have noticed this!

I'm a little obsessed with late 60's/early 70's leather jackets after The Boy bought me one for my birthday/our first anniversary.  I love they way they nip in at the waist and have a nice large collar, they're really flattering.

As my friends will tell you I have an excessive collection of vintage bags.....99% of which are tan leather!  I never thought I had an addictive personality but it is clear that I do!  Where's the nearest 'Vintage Tan Bags Anonymous'???

Anywho, I could ramble on but I won't!  I hope you like the new feature, let me know what you think.

Happy Wednesday. xx



Tuesday is Food Day - Homemade Granola

I eat Granola EVERY day!!!!!!  Yep, that's right, it's another food stuff that I'm addicted to....and every day I eat it with fresh Pomegranate.........yes you guessed it, I'm addicted to them too!  I eat a variety of different granolas and particularly love Dorset Cereals Honey Granola, but when I have time I like to make my own so this weekend that's exactly what I did.  


Nicely golden, fresh from the oven

Store in an air-tight container and devour!

So do you fancy giving it a go?  It's super simple and you can play around with all the ingredients, adjusting the proportions and substituting bits and bobs.  As long as the total dry and total wet ingredients add up there's no real rules.  Here's my recipe:

500g large oat flakes
100g of Pecans, broken into pieces
100g of flaked Almonds
40g Pumpkin Seeds
40g of Sunflower Seeds
20g of Linseed's
120ml of Vegetable oil
60 ml of water
160ml of Honey
1tsp of Vanilla extract
handful of Banana chips (to mix in once the granola is cooked)

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
In a large bowl combine all the dry ingredients.
Whisk together all the wet ingredients.
Combine the wet and dry ingredients.
Spread the mixture onto two baking trays.
Bake for 10 minutes and then mix to ensure even cooking (it will cook on the top quicker than underneath)
Return the trays to the oven and continue to cook and mix every 5 minutes until and even golden colour is achieved.  (Total cooking time is usually around 20-25 minutes).
Once removed from the oven mix in the broken banana chips and allow to cool.

To serve, mix in your favourite fruit and add milk, or grab a bowl of you favourite fruit, add some Greek yoghurt, extra honey and sprinkle the granola on top.  Delicious! I like to make it for long weekends away with friends....who all like to eat it simply by the handful!

Let me know if you give it a go.  I'd love to know what substitutions you make and how you like to eat it!

Enjoy my lovelies. xx


Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations.......on a Monday!

Hey there my lovelies!  Apologies for the lack of FF&WT's post last week, the weekend just crept up on me so quickly.....and what a lovely weekend it was too.  I saw lots and lots of friends and family and drank lots of coffee and ate lots of cake..........and then I got struck down with a nasty cold.  So today has mostly consisted of sitting on the sofa and cuddles with SootyCat........oh and a little bit of daytime telly!

Todays view!
So in the absence of FF&WT's here are a few things that caught my eye last week.....

Green and Blacks Sea Salt Milk Chocolate, I'm addicted, it's so wrong it's right!  Have you tried it?  What did you think?

NEW Sea Salt 100g Bar

I'm currently loving the blog Bohemian Chic, with simple daily outfit posts and a few other stories in between.

This cat cave is amazing!

Check out these awesome toy cameras

Oh and I NEED these boots in my life....but they are sold out in my size!  Nooooooooooo!!!!!!

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?

Happy Monday my lovelies, *sniff sniff*.  xx


Tuesday is Food Day - Keep your Chin Up!

So you already know I'm addicted to coffee......well it's more than that, I'm addicted to Jimmy's Iced Coffee!!!!!  Have you heard about Jimmy's?  If not you are about to get schooled!

Jimmy's is the ONLY Iced coffee you need in your life.  It's got just the right caffeine kick, balanced with a subtle sweetness and is refreshingly cool.......but it doesn't stop there.......it's good hot too.  Oh and did I mention it's wicked in cocktails?  Think Mocha Martini's!

Jimmy's Iced Coffee is brought to you by the rad entrepreneur, Jimmy Cregan and his awesome endurance motorbiking sister Suzie.  After a year travelling around Oz Jimmy and his now wife Sophie got hooked on Iced Coffee....upon their return to England Jimmy realised there was no decent Iced Coffee on these shores and convinced his talented Cafe owning sister to join him in his adventure.


Together they set about concocting the perfect Iced Coffee and in April 2011 Jimmy's Iced Coffee was launched.........in Selfridges no less!  It's now available in Waitrose, Ocado, Welcome Break and hundreds, if not thousands, of coffee shops and Deli's around the UK.  Check out your nearest Vendor.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee not only tastes great but it's made using English milk, ethically sourced Arabica beans and ethically sourced demerara sugar and is contained in an awesomely artistic fully FSC carton.......which can now be recycled! What more could you want..........oh that's it....they do a skinny option too (only 3 weight watchers pro-points)....genius!

And if that wasn't enough on the 8th of October they're launching a Gingerbread Iced Coffee!!!!!  I literally cannot wait!  I NEED this in my life!

Jimmy's is one cool company, go check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  If you need any more convincing, check out what the word on the street is.  Oh and if you see this man.....give him a high-5, he's a legend!

Oh and Jimmy and Suzie aren't the only talented ones, Jimmys wife Sophie has her own business too.....Willy Walnut.  She creates bespoke illustrations including the most beautiful wedding stationery, if I wasn't already married I'd definitely be commissioning Sophie to do mine.  Willy Walnut can also be found on Facebook and twitter.

In the words of Jimmy....Keep your chin up. xx

(All photos stolen from Jimmy's Iced Coffee!)
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