Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

Another busy week done!  This week started with a trip to the dentist, not great....I'm so phobic I have to take sedatives just for a check-up!  No work required though so that's a bonus! Work has been super busy, we've been recruiting some Green Ambassadors amongst the student population which has been really good fun and the schedule for Green Week has been finalised and promoted.  Phew!

Inside The Pier Theatre, before the Zombies arrived.....and there were many!

On Thursday evening The Boy, some friends, and I went to a showing of Shaun of the Dead at The Pier Theatre followed by an 'After-Dead' Zombie party! It was awesome!  It was part of the Arts by the Sea Festival which finishes the weekend. It was the first time I've ever been to The Pier Theatre and it was lovely, a real treat.  I think there should be a weekly film showing, especially in the winter season, I'd definitely go. 

And now it's Friday I am knackered!  A good feed up and sleep is definitely in order!

This week I've been coveting a few things, which have made it onto my Christmas list, including this Tea Towel,  this stamp set, and these super cute earringsDo you write Christmas lists?

Elsewhere on the web:

This footage of some playful foxes jumping on a trampoline is just too cute!

Delightfully Tacky is my new blog crush! 

I'm addicted to this Lemongrass Tea.

This weekend The Boy and I will be going to Wimborne Food Festival, and I'll be popping into Waitrose to get my hands on some Jimmy's Gingerbread Iced Coffee.  We're also looking forward to spending lots of time with family and generally catching up on life!

If you are in London why not check out the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition at the Royal Observatory.

Or if you're in Norwich and like vintage then why not pop along to The Little Vintage Lovers Fair on Saturday or the Sip & Shop Vintage Sale on Sunday.  Oh and don't forget to drop by Prim Vintage, it's the best vintage shop in the city.

What are you up to htis weekend?

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx

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