Outfit of the Day - Welsh Wool and Obby Oss!

Welsh Wool Waistcoat:  Vintage, thrifted
Top:  Gap
Jeggings:  Gap
Boots:  Toast
Earrings: The Blue Wing Gallery
Sunnies:  Ray Bans

I wore this to work yesterday for 'Dress Down Friday' and I have to say I was more than a little scared!  I love this waistcoat but at only 5 weeks into the new job I wondered if it was a little bit too 'special' for the new workplace!  But hey, I love my vintage pieces and figured sod-it, I'm wearing it, I don't care what anybody else thinks.....but they loved it!  Phew!

Autumn is a funny old season here in England, one minute it's warm then the next it's blowing a hooly, so this waistcoat was the perfect choice, warm enough but not too warm and what with it being wool it's a good temperature regulator.

The earrings are a pair of my favourites.  I bought them on May Day whilst on holiday in beautiful Padstow, Cornwall, and I call them my Obby Oss earrings.  They are from the Blue Wing Gallery and I really wish I'd taken the name of the silversmith as I'd love to know who actually made them.  They're even more special as they were one of the first pairs of earrings I bought after all my jewellery got stolen and they remind me of fun, sunny, holiday days with The Boy. 

Have you ever worn something to work that you just weren't sure they were ready for?  Please tell me you have!

 Happy Weekend my lovelies. xx

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