Tuesday is Food Day - Keep your Chin Up!

So you already know I'm addicted to coffee......well it's more than that, I'm addicted to Jimmy's Iced Coffee!!!!!  Have you heard about Jimmy's?  If not you are about to get schooled!

Jimmy's is the ONLY Iced coffee you need in your life.  It's got just the right caffeine kick, balanced with a subtle sweetness and is refreshingly cool.......but it doesn't stop there.......it's good hot too.  Oh and did I mention it's wicked in cocktails?  Think Mocha Martini's!

Jimmy's Iced Coffee is brought to you by the rad entrepreneur, Jimmy Cregan and his awesome endurance motorbiking sister Suzie.  After a year travelling around Oz Jimmy and his now wife Sophie got hooked on Iced Coffee....upon their return to England Jimmy realised there was no decent Iced Coffee on these shores and convinced his talented Cafe owning sister to join him in his adventure.


Together they set about concocting the perfect Iced Coffee and in April 2011 Jimmy's Iced Coffee was launched.........in Selfridges no less!  It's now available in Waitrose, Ocado, Welcome Break and hundreds, if not thousands, of coffee shops and Deli's around the UK.  Check out your nearest Vendor.

Jimmy's Iced Coffee not only tastes great but it's made using English milk, ethically sourced Arabica beans and ethically sourced demerara sugar and is contained in an awesomely artistic fully FSC carton.......which can now be recycled! What more could you want..........oh that's it....they do a skinny option too (only 3 weight watchers pro-points)....genius!

And if that wasn't enough on the 8th of October they're launching a Gingerbread Iced Coffee!!!!!  I literally cannot wait!  I NEED this in my life!

Jimmy's is one cool company, go check them out on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  If you need any more convincing, check out what the word on the street is.  Oh and if you see this man.....give him a high-5, he's a legend!

Oh and Jimmy and Suzie aren't the only talented ones, Jimmys wife Sophie has her own business too.....Willy Walnut.  She creates bespoke illustrations including the most beautiful wedding stationery, if I wasn't already married I'd definitely be commissioning Sophie to do mine.  Willy Walnut can also be found on Facebook and twitter.

In the words of Jimmy....Keep your chin up. xx

(All photos stolen from Jimmy's Iced Coffee!)

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