Tuesday is Food Day - New Eats!

So I'm pretty much working my way round all the cafe's and coffee shops in Bournemouth and doing pretty well I must say!  Sometimes I go alone, sometimes I meet friends.  It's a good hobby, one I enjoy muchly!  There's a cafe called Little Pickle Deli Cafe which has been open a while now which I've yet to try and really must make the effort to go to....I hear lots of good things about this place but everytime I'm passing it's full.....surely a good sign!

(Photo from their Facebook page)
Although there are still some places on my list to visit there are a few new eateries opening in Bournemouth over the coming month or two which I can't wait to try.  The first is Monty's Lounge, in Pokesdown, I hear rumour that they might be open by the end of November!  Monty's will be serving some of the best in quality local food and drink from Dorset and Hampshire!  Awesome!  For updates on their opening checkout their Facebook Page, Website, or follow them on twitter @montyslounge.  I can't wait for Monty's to open!

(Taken from Monty's Lounge Facebook Page)
 I also here tell that there is a new coffee shop, come chocolatier, come bakery opening in Bournemouth Town Centre, called Barroca. It's set to serve coffee in lounge area, run chocolate workshops in the back and it's even set to open a bakery on the premises too!  For more info check out Up to Speed News

And finally I can't wait for the relocation of Poppy Mae from Westbourne to Bournemouth.  They serve amazing coffee, the best Chai Latte and beautiful fresh local food.  They are currently knee deep in ronovation dust but check out their Facebook page for progress on their new location.

Have you got any tops tips on good cafe's in Bournemouth and Dorset?  Or do you kow of any new ones opening soon?  I'd love to know, especially if they are independents.

Happy Tuesday my lovelies. xx


  1. Yay for the truth of Poppy Mae! There is a beautiful little coffee shop in Westbourne called Elsie Harrhy, lovely lattes & vintage finds. Plus I've discovered a hidden gem of Stafford Road called Freida's Tearoom, amazing cakes & mochas. Can't wait to go back to try the afternoon tea. So many lovely places opening!

    1. Hey Julie, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I LOVE Frieda's and am in fact going there for cake tomorrow!

      Oooh, yes, a friend told me about Elsie Harrhy, but didn't actually know what it was called. I must make a trip over there sometime soon.

      Hope you are enjoying the blog.

      Em xx

  2. Really enjoying your blog! Need to see pictures of the Pashley!

    Let me know which cake you opt for at Freida's...all look so good.

    Next time you are Westbourne way there is also a lovely pancake cafe called Crepes Farm, they have wonderful Viennese Coffees & cheese fondues too. I haven't been yet but there is a new vintage tea room too..

  3. Hey Jules, that's great to hear! I'm hoping to take some photos of the Pashley this weekend if the weather is nice enough, then I can do a little feature about cycle commuting too.

    Oh, Freidas cakes are AMAZING!!!!! I had the lemon drizzle cake and it was perfectly moist and zingy.....and the portion size was huge! Perfect!

    Oooooooh, yes, I think I've seen the pancake house, I love pancakes but usually eat the American kind, I must try these crepes though! And a vintage tea rooms too....I might have to take a sabatical from work to fit them all in!!! he he!

    Em xx


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