Green Week, Awards, and Outfit of the Evening!

So my week's break turned into two!  Apologies for that my lovelies, it seems I needed a little longer to recover than I thought.  Recover from what? I hear you ask.......well at the beginning of November I held a Green Week at the University as part of my role as Environmental Officer and it was epic!    

I started my job in mid September and the date of Green Week had already been set.  What with various other projects this left me with 4 weeks to organise a week of events on TWO campuses aimed at encouraging staff and students to think and act green!  It was such a fun week with 5 distinct themes; biodiversity, climate, food, sustainable travel and waste.    We had so many exhibitors ranging from gadget re-use, Love Food Hate Waste Campaign, Give or Take Days, Fairtrade cakes provided by the Baking Society, The Marine Conservation Society, Bournemouth Natural Sciences Society and many many more....we even had the police their doing some bike tagging.

Above are some photos of the week, kindly taken by the Students Union and MCS, as well as a few I took myself.  Needless to say it an exhausting week, hence needing a break from the blog, but it was great fun and a fantastic way to meet new people and make important connections across the University.

During my blog-break I also attended a staff award ceremony where our Environment & Energy Team had been nominated for the Collaborative Team Award as part of the Vice Chancellor's Staff Awards.....and we won!!!!!!

What I'm wearing:
Shrug: Monsoon, very old
Top: A slip from a Quicksilver dress
Skirt: Vintage
Tan Leather Belt: Vintage
Leopard Print Shoes: Gifted by a friend
Necklace: Victoria Martin (sadly hidden by the award! Slightly better photo here)

I cannot tell you how hard it was to decide what to wear to the award ceremony.  I own a number of vintage evening dresses and day dresses but I needed something inbetween.  I hope I managed to pull it off!

That pretty much sums up what I've been up to over the last couple of weeks........throw in some time with friends, family, a little bit of cake, a lot of sleep and a new car and we're done!

What have you been up to?  Are you at University?  Does it hold a Green Week?  Is your workplace green?  Or do you make green choices as an individual?  I'd love to know.

Thanks for your patience my lovelies. xx

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