Outfit of the Day - Layers!

Leather Jacket: Vintage (£25)
Scarf: TK Maxx (£16)
Cardigan: American Vintage (Secondhand, £15)
T-shirt:  Marks & Spencer (£15)
Khaki Top: American Vintage (Secondhand, £10)
Skirt: H&M (£3.99)
Leggings: H&M (£5.99)
Boots: Toast (old favourites, £215 but so worth it!)
Bag: Vintage (£10)

I wore this outfit to work last week.  My office-wear mantra is layer, layers, layers.  I've got to be warm enough to cycle in but now the heating has been turned on I've got to be able to take a few layers off once I'm in the office!

I love my new scarf from TK Maxx, it hits all the right fashion trends but I know I'll wear it for a lifetime.  It's nice and big and means that I keep nice and snug on the cycle commute.......plus a big scarf always makes you look slimmer!  My Leather jacket is also great at keeping the wind out, but is no substitute for a proper waterproof on rainy days.  

I like to layer up about three times and love this M&S top, it has lots of different coloured speckles in it so goes with lots of things in  my wardrobe.

The Khaki long-line tank is a new addition to my wardrobe and I like the way it lengthens the t-shirt, especially when cycling.  Long layers are good for keeping the kidneys nice and warm!  

And my Toast boots, well I adore them!  They are smart and great at keeping my legs nice and dry.  That said I suffer really badly with poor circulation and whilst they are warm I'm on the look out for something similar but sheepskin lined for when the weather turns super cold!  Do you know of any boots which are leather on the outside but sheepskin on the inside?  Or have you ever seen a skeepskin liner/insert? 

Needless to say after about 10 minutes of being in the office I've cooled right down, put on all the layers and an extra one to boot!  I always keep extra jumpers in the office! 

What is your office-wear mantra? 

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx

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