Tuesday is Food Day - Lulubelles Cupcakes!

Now, prepare yourself for what I am about to say, it might take you by suprise.........until recently I had never heard of Lulubelles Cakes!!!!  I know, a cake shop in the Bournemouth area which I hadn't heard of!  Shocking!  But it's ok....I have definitely made up for it.......in fact I've had 4 cupcakes from Lulubelles in the last 10 days! *Happy face*!

You may have guessed already but Lulubelles specialises in cupcakes, cupcakes of many flavours.  So far I've tried Ollie (Coffee), Poppy (Almond and Raspberry), Rubarb Crumble, Mulled Wine, Mince Pie, and Christmas Spice!  I know....that doesn't add up to 4!  The Boy and I went along to Lulubelles last week for a tasting evening of their soon to be released Christmas flavours....and they were scrummy!  They even had Bauble shaped cupcakes!

I first heard about Lulubelles from my new boss, and then I came across them at the Coffee Craft and Cupcakes events held recently in Bournemouth, then my boss bought cupcakes for the team for being shortlisted for an award, then the Christmas tasting evening, and then I bought 6 different flavours for my Mother-in-Law's birthday!  You might say I've had cake overload.....well you'd be wrong, these cupcakes are so delicious I could eat another one right now!

Lulubelles also makes beautiful cakes too, like this amazing three tier blosson cake.

Plus they make biscuits, and many other dainties......the gingerbread biscuits are beautiful.......ok, yes, I did consume a whole packet of those in the last 10 days as well!  Is there a cupcakes and biscuits annonymous group in the local area?  I think I need help!

Lulubelles has a beautiful little cupcake boutique (there is no other way to describe it) in Canford Cliffs, Poole, where you can grab a coffee or hot chocolate whilst you ponder which flavour cupcake to choose (or should that be flavours!).  I suggest you go there sooner rather than later...or I might just have eaten them all myself!  Christmas flavours available from the 1st of December.

Plus don't forget to checkout their facebook page (lots of photos on there) and their website

Go and eat cupcakes my lovelies! xx

Most photos courtesey of Lulubelles Cupcakes.

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