Tuesday is Food Day - Cheese & Alfies

Breakfast!  It's the best meal of the day!  And as you probably already know it's my favourite meal to eat out, especially with The Girls or with The Boy.  A couple of weekend ago The Girls and I popped along to Cheese & Alfies in Christchurch, famed for it's quirky cafe-bistro style. 

Cheese & Alfies is situated in the historic part of Christchurch on a cobbled lane.  It's bright marine-blue exterier is eyecatching and inviting.  With tables and chairs outside and an eclectic mix of furniture inside it's a warm and welcoming enviornment.  They serve Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner and the menu is full of fresh, simple and family-friendly food.  Plus they often have an offer on.

It being breakfast I would normally opt for Pancakes but on this occaision I thought I'd try the Pan Haggety (sauteed potatoes, ham, egg and gryure) and I wasn't disappointed.  It arrived in a skillet and was enough to feed and army!  The egg was cooked perfectly with a nice runny yoke. 

The Girls had Pancakes (I wasn't jealous at all! And yes I will be having these next time!) and the Small Pan Breakfast (also served in a skillet).  The photos below just don't do it justice!

Pan Haggety//Pancakes//Small Pan Breakfast

With a pregnant lady among us the staff at Cheese & Alfies were friendly and accommodating of her request for a fully cooked egg ,and also welcoming of the Mum and Baby in our group.  We were very well looked after, and after all that food I can't say I didn't have a little nap on the sofa when I got home!!  (Don't tell the Boy!)

If you've not been to Cheese & Alfies before I'd definitely recommend it, I've only been for breakfast but am looking forward to an evening meal soon.  In fact I enjoyed breakfast so much The Girls and I are going again ina couple of weeks! 

Oh and don't forget to check out their website and their Facebook Page.

Do you go out for Breakfast?

Happy Tuesday my lovelies. xx


  1. Yum, Cheese & Alfie is great for evening meals too. Love The Living Room in Alum Chine for breakfast, chef Tansey has created an amazing menu full of pancakes & lovely treats. Am excited about trying Elsie Harrhy's new breakfast menu too....more pancakes!

    1. Hey Jules, thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. Pancakes, at Elsie Harrhys you say....I make it my mission to go there!!!! I love Cheese & Aflies and adore The Living Room, we are very lucky to have such amazing eateries in the local area. Em xx


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