Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations - Dreaming of spring!

Apologies for the radio silence my lovelies, I've had a really nasty bout of flu and I'm only just out the other side.  Trust me, you don't want it!  I've spent the last week wrapped up in bed, drinking lots of fluids and missing out on all the snow!  I have to say I am ready for spring!

This past week I've been eyeing up the Spring/Summer collection from American Vintage and I can't wait for brighter days and weather that doesn't require a jacket!  Here are my favourite pieces from the Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook.

(All pictures from here)

I LOVE American Vintage, the colours, the textures, the cuts.  Their clothes are so beautifully designed.  I Love to wear them both to work and for play, and I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on some pieces from the latest collection.

What are your favourite pieces from the new collection?

Having spent the last few weeks couped up in the house I'm looking forward to getting out, The Boy and I are heading to a local Market Town for a day of mooching, coffee drinking and cake eating.  On Sunday we'll be helping my sister-in-law move house and then feasting on a roast dinner with friends.  Perfect.  What are you up to this weekend?

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx

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