Outfit of the Day - Chilly Knits

Dress:  Primark (£16)
Leather Jacket:  Vintage (£25)
Snood:  Aubin & Wills (£25, secondhand)
Bag: Vintage (£10)
Boots:  Toast, old faithfuls (£215)
Tights:   Primark (£1.50)
Sunglasses:  Ray Bans, Laramie (£113)

So it's been a little chilly in England of late!  Sadly I missed the snow as I had the flu and spent the entire time in bed.  Now I'm back on my feet, but still feeling a little delicate, I wanted to wear something smart enough for work but that I still felt cosy in, so I opted for a knitted dress.

I bought this dress in the Autumn, from Primark.  I've stated before that I don't like to shop in Primark, and I'd simply gone in to get some tights when I spotted this aztec knitted dress......and well that was it, I had to have it.  At just £16 I'm not sure how long it's going to last or in what conditions it was made, and it's something I struggle with everytime I wear it.  That said, it's a lovely dress, the pattern is great and the muted colours really suit my skin tone.

The snood is one of my favourite winter items, it's from Aubin & Wills, the big sister of Jack Wills, which make beautiful quality clothes, although they are a little expensive (hence it's secondhand!).  I'm sad to say Aubin & Wills is closing down very soon, but on the plus side everything is on sale on their website!

Hopefully I'llbe able to post some more outfits over the coming weeks, I've got a few things I'd like to share with you, now I just need to find some nice locations to take the photos in!

Happy Monday my lovelies.  xx

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