The Weekend That Was......

So the weekend came upon us with full force!  Here’s what the Boy and I got up to……

Friday: Meal out for a friends birthday, Japanese food, sushi, sashimi, skewered meat platters, tempura, wasabi, miso soup, rice, green tea//cocktails at a local bar, dancing, people watching and much giggling, much photograph taking!//well earned sleep! 

(Photos actually taken on Thursday when I cooked these for another friend!  And yes, I did have French Toast twice in one week!)

Saturday:  cooked breakfast for the Birthday Girl, French Toast with fresh fruit and maple syrup, yum yum!//walkies with friends, spoke to a few cows, froze our butts off and swiftly returned for coffee and cake!//chores//food shopping//girlies round for supper whilst the boys went out for a meal (‘The Last Supper’, one of them is about to have a baby any day now!)//Pad Thai, popcorn, sweeties and a film//Amazing news that some of our closest friends are 4 months pregnant (shocked and very excited, I can’t wait to meet the bump!)//8 hours sleep!

Sunday: Lay-in//sofa lounging//lunch//chores//visit to my sister-in-laws new home (actually their grandparents old bungalow, lovely to see her living there)//hair washing (complete chore!)//pie & mash//Series 3 of The Killing with the Boy on the sofa!   

Phew!  That was a busy one, but full of fun, friends and family.  Perfect!

What did you guys get up to at the weekend?

Happy Monday my lovelies. xx

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