Tuesday is Food Day - Little Pickle Deli Cafe

Todays Tuesday is Food Day is dedicated to the amazing Little Pickle Deli Cafe.  Owned and run by the lovely Karen and Andrew it's situated halfway between Boscombe and Pokesdown and offers the most amazing food in the friendliest of atmospheres.

They recently ran a competition to win a Vintage Cream Tea and The Boy was one of the lucky winners, so at the weekend we popped in to claim our prize.  Greeted by the wonderfully smiley Karen, I thought there's a face I recognise and realised we'd sat next to her at the Valentines Day acoustic gig at The Crooked Book just down the road.

With a fantastic array of sandwiches to choose from, The Boy and I went for a selection of Ham & Salad and Coastal Cheese & Chutney.  We watched the world go by and absorbed the lovely atmosphere whilst our tea was prepared and then it arrived......

.....A 3 tier extravaganza of yumminess!  Sandwiches, warm scones with clotted cream and jam, coffee & walnut cake, and double chocolate brownies!  

All of it was delicious, but I have to say the scones were some of the best I've ever had......and I've had quite a few I can tell you!  Not only were they warm but they were moist and light on the inside, with a delicately crunchy crust.  Perfect!

Needless to say hardly a crumb was left on the plate! (Well we did actually doggy-bag up the brownies and take them home for tea!).  

(Very happy after our amazing Cream Tea)

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  I'd definitely recommend the cream tea, and having eyed-up the food of the people around us I'm definitely going back to try; The deli board, veggie burger, steak ciabatta, wedges.........

Thank you Karen and Andrew for a fantastic, and very filling, cream tea......we had to have a little walk on the clifftops afterwards!


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