Dartmouth & The Boy!

(View of Kingswear from our house in Dartmouth)

This weekend The Boy and I took an extended trip to Dartmouth, Devon.  It's only about 115 miles from home but the change of scenery was a much needed tonic.  The steep and very narrow roads were not!  The weather could have been better too, snow was not what we were hoping for when we booked it!  That said we had a fab time.  We stopped at Lyme Regis on the way and at Totnes on the way back.  Here are a few snaps from our travels and a few of our favourite places along the way.

(Heart shaped Gazillionnaire, from The Mulberry Manor Bakery, Lyme Regis.  Best cake EVER!!!!!)

(Rockfish, Dartmouth. Great Fish & Chips in Dartmouth, best slogan ever!)
(Seeds 2 Bakery, Totnes.  Amazing Somosas, pakoras and chocolate cake balls. Piccie from here)
(The Drift record shop, Totnes. Records & Coffee! Piccie from here)
Whilst Dartmouth was lovely I am totally besotted with Totnes.  I think it's my new favoruite place.  The town centre is set on a lovely hill leading down to the river.  It's full of independent shops, charity shops, bakeries, eco-shops, and the best record store ever!  I'll definitely be returning to Totnes.

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