Broad Norfolk - Bishabarnabee

This weeks Broad Norfolk word of the week is one of my all time favourites and was probably one of the first Norfolk dialect words I learnt.......

(Piccie frome here)

Bishabarnabee; Ladybird. (Also Bishy-barny-bee and Barny-bee)
It is said to be a corruption of Bishop Bonner's Bee, a Bishop who has an unenviable reputation for having  been responsible for the burning of martyrs during the reign of Queen Mary.  It is likely that the fiery colour of the tiny beetles wings led to it being given this local name.

I love how this word rolls off the tongue, it reminds me of childhood and is a word I love to teach my Friends children.  I love the little creatures and even have a brolly which is a barny-bee.....I love to see the faces of people smiling at my brolly as I walk in the rain!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx

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