Friday Favourites & Weekend Temptations

Four Sleeping Cats | woodcut print | Tomoo Inagaki
(Sleepy kitty piccie from here)
Shattered.com!  I am broken!  Jet-lag has been the main feature of my week....I thought I was fine on Sunday but add a full-time job to that Jet-lag and people letting off air horns at midnight in our street and I'm a write-off!

Outside of work I've done nothing but laundry and sitting on the sofa, oh and writing that mammoth blog about Toronto!...Did you make it to the end?  Did it make you want to visit? 

All this sofa lounging does mean I've been dipping into the online realm a bit more this week.  Here are a few things that caught my eye:

//This Asian Chicken Salad, just what I need post holiday!
//The Ultimate Iced Coffee.....Vietnamese style.  (Homemade that is.......and only if you can't find a Jimmy's Iced Coffee somewhere!)
//This bag, perfect for beachy summer days.
//At the end of this long week I could really do with one of these Watermelon Mojitos, brought to you by the lovely Emma and Elsie form A Beautiful Mess, one of my favourite blogs.

I was hoping for a quiet weekend to recoup some energy but it appears there is no rest for the wicked.....here's the itinerary:
//Wine tasting at a local art gallery
//Pop-up Arts at Pamphill
//Hinton Martell Village Fete
//BBQ-ing with friends
//More BBQ-ing with friends

What are you up to this weekend?  The weather should be warm, if a little cloudy perhaps.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


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