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Life has been so busy lately, I completely missed blogging last week.  I've taken inspiration from Orchid Grey and compiled a life lately post to fill you in.

At work:
Work has been frantic! I've been preparing for the end of the academic year, specifically organising events to help students manage their waste at the end of the year.  Plus I've already started planning for next years intake of students, looking at getting them into environmentally friendly living habits from the moment they move in. 
We've also just finished bike week, and we're working on a local cycling challenge.  And we've recenlty had some good news on the funding front which I'm very excited about.   I'm also working on rolling out a food waste recycling service and planning an eco-champions scheme!

In the studio:
I've been working on a couple of commissions lately, including the his & hers spinner rings you see in the photos above. I've also worked on 2 bangles, which I'll tell you more about another day.
I loved working on the spinner rings, I've made ladies ones lots before but I've never made a mans one.  It was a joint design with the recipient and I really enjoyed forging it into reality. 
I've also been attempting to tidy the studio a little as I go along but it always feels like one step forwards and two steps back!

At home:
I've been sowing some veg ready for planting in the garden although not all of it has come to anything.  I'm really hoping to get them planted out before I go to Toronto but I'm not sure it's going to happen.
Toronto is now only 6 days away!  I am sooooooooo excited!  I've been in constant Facebook chat with the family and friends I'm going to see and I just can't wait.  The Boy has suffered many fits of excitement which will grow in intensity as the days count down.  This weekend I'm packing, and will be cleaning the house ready for our house/cat sitter to come to stay.

Other than all of the above I've spent most of my down time thinking about Toronto.  So far we have the following planned....
//Blue Jays baseball game
//Visit to Niagara Falls
//Staying on a farm in the sticks and helping them do some planting
//Coctail Drinking
//Tall ships festival
//Music Festival
//Hopefully a tour of a TV network
//Visit to Centre Island
//Trip up the CN Tower
//And most importanly of all speding lots of time with family and friends and having a good old catch up.

Last weekend we went to see a friend of ours who is house sitting for his great aunt.  She has an amazing home which she built with her late husband in the 60's.  It's an upside down house with the living rooms on the top floor to take advantage of the view over Poole Harbour.  It was a dream to spend time in.  The workshop hasn't been touched in years......it would make the perfect silversmithing studio!

So that pretty much sums up the past week.  I am shattered!  But a good kind of shattered if you know what I mean.

What have you lot been up to lately?

Happy Weekend my lovelies. xx


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