Love & Family - A Recent Mardle Made Commission

I can finally share with you a special commission I received to make a beautiful bangle for a member of my very extended family.

My soon-to-be Sister-in-law's brother (does that make sense!) wanted me to make a bangle for his wife for her birthday.  He wanted a flat, hammered bangle with the words 'Love' and 'Family' stamped on the inside.  What beautiful words to have chosen, but they are even more special when you know that starting a family (and therefore their beautiful boy) didn't come easy to them.  

Having only met them once it was clear to me that family was immensely important and the love just radiated out of them.  I was stoked to be making this bangle!  

It was Amy's birthday today and she kindly sent me a thank you message saying that she loved the bangle and that she cried when she read the words stamped on the inside.  I'm so pleased she loves it.

Here are a few photos of the bangle, sorry they're not very good, I had to take them super quick and get the bangle in the post!

What words would you choose to have stamped on  piece of jewellery?

Happy Monday my lovelies. xx


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