The First Weekend of Summer

The 1st of June is the meteorological start of Summer, and the great British weather definitely didn't let us down.  We've had a lovely sunny weekend, with the warmth even extending into the evenings.

After visiting River Cottage HQ a month or so ago (read about it here) I was inspired to get my veg patch up and running again and this was the perfect weekend to plant out my teeny tiny veg-lings!  This was going to be no mean feat.  I didn't use the veg patch last year and it was completely over grown with weeds.  I spent all of Saturday weeding and preparing the bed (whilst also doing laundry and packing for my holibob).

I had a lot of peas to plant out so I made some make-shift trellis on the fence panel using picture hooks and string.  As well as peas, I've also been growing broccoli, carrots, cabbage, parsnips, cauliflower and courgettes.   I added some fresh compost to the bed and set about planting out the veg.

The veg fitted perfectly in the bed, in neat little rows with the peas at the back ready to climb the trellis.  The carrots and parsnips were still a little small but I had to get it all planted out for two reasons; 1) I'm going on holiday and needed to get all the veg in one place so it was easy for our house sitter to water and look after, 2) we have a lot of cats in our neighbourhood and I needed to get all the veg in so I could cat-proof the bed...........

Have you got any top tips on keeping the cats out of the veg bed? I've tried a few different things, like rigging up this kitty obstacle course, putting ground pepper around the edge, and a few other things but nothing seems to work well.

I'm really hoping the veg settles in well and gets growing.  I started growing veg two years ago and had a successful crop but last year it all got attacked by slugs and ruined by the constant rain.  I'm hopeful this year though as there are already plums on the tree and I noticed the first strawberries starting to grow, and my raspberry canes are looking very healthy indeed.

I'm also growing rocket, spinach and various types of salad in window boxes so if nothing else comes to anything at least they will be delicious!

Do you grow your own veg?  Do you have any top tips?  Now I just have to be patient and try not to harvest things too early!  I love fresh veg straight from the garden, it's so full of flavour! 

What did you guys get up to this weekend?  Did you take advantage of the beautiful weather?  Amongst all the gardening I also managed to squeeze in a little BBQ action on my friends roof terrace.....it was perfect!

Happy Sunday evening my lovelies. xx

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