Broad Norfolk - On The Huh!

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(Piccie from here)

This weeks Broad Norfolk phrase.......

...............On The Huh!

It might be said that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is 'on the huh', that is to say it is, well, leaning; awry; slanted; not level!

I love this phrase and once bought my Dad a t-shirt with it on....not sure it was the best choice for a carpenter!

It might also be said that I am slightly on the huh this week.  After a week waiting on x-rays I'm pleased to say I don't have a stress fracture of the foot (yippee!!!!) but I have buggered all my ligaments in foot....That's the official medical term, right?!

I've been prescribed 4-6 weeks of rest with only the moderate walking required to do my job and function on a daily basis.  One week in and I'm already really missing my 30 minute walk/20 minute cycle to work, and my evening strolls to the sea. And I am definitely going to have to cut down on my cake intake if I'm to be sedentary for that amount of time!  Still I'm pleased it's not a stress fracture!

This evening I'm going to take advantage of the sofa time and phone my dear old Dad to wish him a very Happy Birthday, just sad I can't be with him to help him celebrate.

Hope you are all well and not so on the huh! 

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx



Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

This week has been hot, hot, HOT!  It's been amazing here in England, we've reached 27-30 degrees everyday, and the overnight low has bee 17 degrees.  I've sturggled to concentrate at work, and we've struggled to sleep, but the evenings have been fun.  The Boy and I walked down to the beach for dinner at a local fish restaurant on Tuesday; we cycled along the prom to Sandbanks on Wednesday for his Company BBQ (18 miles cycled in total!); and last night I popped over to my friends house for a catch up and drinkie sat on her patio enjoying the last of the evening sun.  Perfect!

Things from around the web
//This safety video is adorable! But is has a very important message.  Well done Metro, you rock!
//This guy is inspirational! The Circular Economy, if you ask me it makes total sense! Plus he has such a nice voice AND he wears a bow-tie! (The video is 18 mins long but if you are interested in Sustainability, design or economy it's well worth a watch).
//I love Vanilla and Lace.  They make beautiful clothes (big and little) and lovely accessories. I want this dress and this clutch for myslef, and these are sooooo cute too (Suse, I'm thinking they would look so cute on your new arrival!)Plus Abi from Vanilla and Lace has a blog, check it out here
//I want this backack, perfect for carrying all my stuff when I cycle.
//I am looking forward to checking out a new local vegan lounge, Mad Cucumber.  Not only does it's menu look awesome but so does the decor!
//And finally from the inter-web this AMAZING Open Letter to the Daily Mail by Amanda Palmer in response to their coverage of a waldrobe malfunction at Glastobury Festival.  She's a genius!

This weekend I'm meeting my mum in London for a girlie day whilst The Boy is away in Cornwall on a boys weekend.  I'm meeting her in Spitalfields to check out the new Saturday Style Market and have lunch then we're heading to Camden to check out the Crafty Fox Cut & Paste Pop-Up Shop, have a bimble around and grab some dinner.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Broad Norfolk Wednesday - Crinkle Crankle Wall

(Photo from here)

This weeks Broad Norfolk word of the week is Crinkle Crankle Wall

It's used to describe a quintessentially English construction of a brick wall, most commonly found in Suffolk.  I love how you can be driving a long a country road and turn a bend and suddenly come across a crinkle crankle wall, pretty much as far as the eye can see.  It feels like they go on for miles....and of course if you stretched them out straight they probably would!

The crinkle crankle wall economises on bricks, despite its curvy configuration, because it can be made just one brick deep. If a wall this thin were to be made in a straight line, without buttresses, it would easily topple over!

The wall not only gains it's strength from it's serpentine shape but fruit trees are often planted in the curves of the wall to gain advantage of the shelter provided.  

A pretty good example can be found at Easton, near Wickham Market.

Crinkle Crankle Walls are just one of the many things I love about England.

Happy Wednesday my Lovelies. xx


Life Lately

Pillow sharing/Folk on The Quay/Christchurch Music Festival
Spiers & Boden/Lobster Boy Birthday antics/Dorset Food Festival
Rover P5b/ Dorset Food Festival/S'mores!

Life over the last 3 weeks has been awesome, busy, sunny and wonderful!

At Work:
I've been a busy bee at work, I've been catching up post Toronto!  You might think summer is a quiet time at a university (you might think staff get the summer off....you would be wrong!) but actually it's a really busy time.  It's when all the construction and renovations get done and for me it's when I plan all my campaigns for the coming academic year.  
It's my first summer at uni and now I have a full academic year under my belt I'm really pleased to have this time to plan for the next one.  We've got some really exciting things going on and today I spent the day designing some biodiversity surveys.....and I might have spent a little while looking at cute photos of bats!

In the Studio:
I think the phrase is 'sweet-F-A!'  It's been so hot here......really!  It's consistently been above 25 degrees for about 3 weeks now and it's just too hot to be in the studio.  I've done a couple of repair jobs for friends but other than that nada, niente, nothing!  I have however been making design notes and sketches on my recent travels.

At Home:
I love being home!  Home is AMAZING! I've spent my evenings pottering around in the garden, tending to the fruit and veg, eating dinner outside, and breakfast for that matter.  I've been trying to tidy, but I hate being indoors when the weather is so good!  We've hosted BBQ's for friends and also enjoyed some quiet time, just the two of us, and SootyCat of course!

I get really bad post-holiday blues, I try to tell myself that I'm lucky to have been on holiday, but I can't help it, and this time was especially bad.  Leaving family and friends behind was hard.  Since we've been back we've been trying to fill our time with friends, family and fun things to do.  The Boy knows me well and he knows that the best thing to do is remind me how good we have it and to keep me occupied!  We've therefore been to food fairs, music festivals, BBQ's with friends, Sausage & Cider festivals, Wine Tastings, and much much more.  And with all this sun I think we've hardly spent an evening indoors!

What have you been up to my lovelies?  How have you been enjoying the sunshine?  I'd love to know, leave me a comment below.

 Happy Monday. xx


Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

July Heatwave Beach O'Clock!

July Heatwave Beach O'Clock! by mardlemade featuring a swimsuits two piece
Vix , $180 / Coach swimsuits two piece / Clarks sandals / BAMBOO Natural ,Eco Friendly PESHTEMAL,High Quality Hand Woven Turkish...

Wow!  July is turning out to be a heatwave!  It's consistently been above 20 degrees here on the South Coast of England for about 2 weeks.....and regularly getting above 25 degrees most days.  I've reverted to wearing shorts to work, smart shorts that is.  I wasn't sure if they were suitable but I figured they were the most comfortable thing to cycle in and remain cool and presentable! (20-25 might not sound like a heatwave but this is the longest, warmest summer we have had for a loooooong time!)

This weekend I'm heading for the beach, hence the Polyvore swimsuit inspiration above.  Blue and white is just perfect for the beach, so classic.  I really love the eco friendly pesthemal turkish towel, I might have to get me one of those!  Oh, and I'd definitely need to find a cheaper version of that bikini!

This week I've mostly been cycle commuting, prepping campaigns, and pottering in the garden.  My strawberries are giving a bumper crop, and the raspberries are just coming to fruit, the first pea pods are emerging and it looks like I'll have a few courgettes too.  I love growing my own fruit and veg!  Do you grow anything? 

I've not spent much time indoors this week but here are a few things from around the web that have caught my eye.:
//A crazy storm hit Toronto on Monday and these photos captured it beautifully. Ominous approach, CN Tower?, Toronto or Gotham City, Damp Raccoon! Too cute!!!!!  I'm pleased to say all my family and friends are safe and well.
//I really want to make these s'mores bars, I love Shelly's conviction that hers are tastier than the coffe shops version!
//This would be the perfect beach bag!
//I love Brighton Beach by Rod Stewart, I heard it for the first time ever on  Tuesday, it is beautiful!
//These girls are awesome, their actions are epic!  Save the Arctic! 
//I love these Cuppow BNTO canning jars.  Genius idea, I just got the cuppow coffee cup/mason jar adaptor and I love it!

If you are in Dorset this weekend then you might enjoy: 

If you are elsewhere then maybe these will take your fancy: 
Chilli Festival, Shorham by Sea, West Sussex 
Artcrank, Bicycle inspired art exhibition, Manchester. 

Whatever you get up to this weekend, enjoy the warmth and sunshine, but remember, stay sunsafe and drink plenty of fluids.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Broad Norfolk - It's Dark O'er WIll's Mothers House!

(Piccie from here)

This weeks weather in Toronto has me thinking about the phrase....

......It's dark o'er Will's Mothers house!

That is to say, the weather is setting in; a storm is 'a comin'; a storms 'a brewin'!

Pretty apt I'd say!

Now there is much deliberation over where this saying actually came from, and who Will, or his mother for that matter, is.  I'm told it's also used in the East Midlands.  All I know is, my Dad says it and that's good enough for me!

Happy mardling my lovelies. xx


Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

(Borderline - Niagara Falls, the border between Canada & America)
Another week done and dusted.  It was a busy one, lots of planning and event prep at work ready for next years intake, plus a little cake eating at a prize giving ceremony for a cycling challenge!  What have you been up to this week?  I was hoping to celebrate Canada Day with a little homemade poutine followed by butter tarts but unfortunately I wasn't feeling well so burgers and chips had to do....perhaps I'll make it at the weekend!  Oh and not forgetting some celebrations for July 4th too.   Did you do anything special to celebrate Canada Day/Independence day?

This week I've been coveting:
//This Poutine Bowl, I wish I'd bought it when I was in Toronto!
//This baseball top.
//This arrow necklace.
//This maple syrup candle......except it might make me want to eat pancakes all the time!
//And this adorable blanket...even though I don't have a child, I think it would make an awesome lap blanket, especially on chilly evening during the summer when BBQ-ing.
There's a theme going on here isn't there.....can you tell?  Do you think perhaps I'm a little obsessed with the Drake General Store!

Some other things which have caught my eye this week are:
//Beards.....I'm a bit obsessed with beards at the moment and I love this, this, and this made me laugh out loud!.
//Delightfully Tacky tweeted about this 'Normal Barbie' article - what dolls would look like if they were based on the dimensions of actual women. I thought it was so genius I had to share it.
//I love Raccoons and have been indulging myself on pinterest.  Too cute, adorable, I see you!
//I love this outfit post by Orchid Grey - perfect style inspiration for this weekend/July's predicted heatwave (I'll believe it when it happens!).

This weekend I'm going to be dipping in and out of the following events:
Dorset Festival 2013
Christchurch Music Festival
Pokesdown Village Green General Market

I you are near any of these events this weekend, you should definitely pop along:
Southwold Vintage Market, 6-7 July, Southwold, Suffolk. (Gutted I'm not at home for this one!)
Frome Super-Market, Sunday 7th, Frome, Somerset.
If you are in London why not check out the City of London Festival, there is bound to be something happening to take your interest.

What are you up to this glorious weekend?  It's set to be a scorcher here in England.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Broad Norfolk - Keep Yew a Troshin' Bor

Ok, it's Broad Norfolk Wednesday.........and todays word....... well it's more of a saying...

Keep Yew A Troshin' Bor | Cameron Self, via Flickr
(piccie from here)

Keep yew a troshin' Bor!   What? I hear you cry!

This is a common saying to wish someone goodbye, to say 'look after yourself boy' or 'take care boy'

It's direct translation is 'Keep you threshing boy' and is therefore sometimes also used to say 'keep on going' or 'keep on at it'.

It's one of my favourite sayings and probably one I use the most.  When I was a teenager I bought my Dad a Broad Norfolk CD from Keith Skipper (Norfolk legend) and he sent a postcard with it telling my Dad to keep a troshin' and it's been a regular in my vocabulary ever since.

Keep yew a troshin' my lovelies. xx


Toronto - Favourite Places & Spaces

Fab.com | Toronto Print
(Piccie from here)
So we've been back in England for over a week and the Toronto void is still there.  I've been filling it with family and friends and the beauty that is the English Countryside.....it's helping.

I thought I'd write a little post about our favourite places and spaces in Toronto......just incase any of you fancy going......or perhaps it's just a reference guide for when I go back!  

//The Drake General Store - plus check their blog here. (Queen St W).  Amazing homewares clothing and accessories.....many of them Canadian and even some made in Toronto!
//Arts Market (Leslieville) - an amazing collection of items fromvarious traders......absolutely everything you could think of!
//St Lawrence Market (Front & Jarvis) - we went to the antiques market on Sunday and it was great.....The Boy picked up a 1958 Coca Cola cooler.  Apparently the food market is exccelent too.
//Kensington Market - Amazing place, great vibe, one of my favourite places in all of Toronto.
//Kid Icarus (Kensington Market) - One of my all time favourite shops EVER!  A print department and store front full of stationary, cards and even CUPPOW!!!!  I've been looking for a cuppow since forever and I've finally got one!
//Sonic Boom Record Shop (Kensington Market) - Amazing record shop, great selection, great prices, and fantastically helpful.....plus they carried stylus' too!

//The County General (Queen St W) - Amazing for brunch/Lunch , we had the special Monday Bourbon Brunch! (Bourbon cocktails at lunchtime.....well we were on holiday and on public transport!).  PLUS the BEST coffee in Toronto!
//Lady Marmalade (Leslieville) - Beautiful food and a really amazing atmosphere.  I had teh Baked French Toast, stuffed with strawberries and raspberries and The Boy had the Yucatecan Pulled Pork Eggs Bennie. 
//The Burgers Priest (Queen St W)- The best burgers!  Nothing more needs to be said!
//Capital Espresso (Queen St W, Parkdale) - Great coffee, friendly people, great atmosphere.

//CN Tower - You MUST walk on the glass floor........the scariest bust most amazing experience.
//Blue Jays Baseball game at The Rogers Centre - We are now addicted to baseball! Let's go Blue Jays!
//Allan Gardens Conservatory (Gerrard St) - A beautfiful botanical gardens and a stunning Vistorian Conservatory.  Utterly beautiful.
//The Distillery District - An old distillery converted into a cool little location with shops and eaeries.  The shops were a little pricey and the service in the eateries was a little under par but it was a interesting area to have a mooch around.  Really lovely architecutre, loads of original features.

//The Beaches - Great to walk along the boardwalk, play volleyball, dip your toes in the water (too cold when we were there).  Plus great views of Toronto Downtown through the marinas.  Great atmosphere, loved walking through the streets here looking at the houses.  Really relaxed vibe.
//Centre Island - if nothing else, take the ferry ($7 each return) just to see the view of the Toronto skyline from the water!  Plus there's a crazy little amusement park on the island! 

We visited loads more places, but there was still so much we didn't get to do.......what would you recommend for our next trip???

Happy Tuesday my lovelies. xx


Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day my lovelies!  Hope those of you over the pond are celebrating in style.  Wish I was there to celebrate with you.

This photos was taken on my recent trip to Belmont Lake in the Kawarthas.  Read about my recent trip to Toronto and there abouts here.

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