Broad Norfolk - It's Dark O'er WIll's Mothers House!

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This weeks weather in Toronto has me thinking about the phrase....

......It's dark o'er Will's Mothers house!

That is to say, the weather is setting in; a storm is 'a comin'; a storms 'a brewin'!

Pretty apt I'd say!

Now there is much deliberation over where this saying actually came from, and who Will, or his mother for that matter, is.  I'm told it's also used in the East Midlands.  All I know is, my Dad says it and that's good enough for me!

Happy mardling my lovelies. xx


  1. HeHe! I'm known for holding a lot of useless
    information....! :).
    I seem to remember...That people living in East
    Midlands, used to look over towards Holland.
    King William the 1st's Mother, lived in Holland.
    So! When the the weather was bad, and a storm was
    brewing...They used to say..."That's black o'er Will's Mothers house".

    1. Hey Willie, great explanation, thanks for sharing......I would imagine it's the same for Norfolk then too.

      Hope you are enjoying the blog.

      Em xx


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