Broad Norfolk - Keep Yew a Troshin' Bor

Ok, it's Broad Norfolk Wednesday.........and todays word....... well it's more of a saying...

Keep Yew A Troshin' Bor | Cameron Self, via Flickr
(piccie from here)

Keep yew a troshin' Bor!   What? I hear you cry!

This is a common saying to wish someone goodbye, to say 'look after yourself boy' or 'take care boy'

It's direct translation is 'Keep you threshing boy' and is therefore sometimes also used to say 'keep on going' or 'keep on at it'.

It's one of my favourite sayings and probably one I use the most.  When I was a teenager I bought my Dad a Broad Norfolk CD from Keith Skipper (Norfolk legend) and he sent a postcard with it telling my Dad to keep a troshin' and it's been a regular in my vocabulary ever since.

Keep yew a troshin' my lovelies. xx


  1. Wull, blust but if yew ent wrong about that 'un. "Bor" hent "Boy", thass short for neighbour...

    1. Co ter heck! Well blow me if I hint allas used it for 'boy'! That's zactly roight, that means Neighbour!

      I shall get wrong of me Fa'i if I int careful!

      Fare y'well

      Em x

  2. er Norfolk people don't say 'my lovelies' either, we would say'my bewties' or more likely nothing. Norfolk people don't waste words.

    1. This is very true! We would say my bewties if we said anything at all.

      I've always said my lovelies though, one of those way in which Norfolk dialect is being lost with the generations. Perhaps I'll say my bewties on Broad Norfolk Wednesdays!

      Em xx


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