Broad Norfolk - On The Huh!

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This weeks Broad Norfolk phrase.......

...............On The Huh!

It might be said that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is 'on the huh', that is to say it is, well, leaning; awry; slanted; not level!

I love this phrase and once bought my Dad a t-shirt with it on....not sure it was the best choice for a carpenter!

It might also be said that I am slightly on the huh this week.  After a week waiting on x-rays I'm pleased to say I don't have a stress fracture of the foot (yippee!!!!) but I have buggered all my ligaments in foot....That's the official medical term, right?!

I've been prescribed 4-6 weeks of rest with only the moderate walking required to do my job and function on a daily basis.  One week in and I'm already really missing my 30 minute walk/20 minute cycle to work, and my evening strolls to the sea. And I am definitely going to have to cut down on my cake intake if I'm to be sedentary for that amount of time!  Still I'm pleased it's not a stress fracture!

This evening I'm going to take advantage of the sofa time and phone my dear old Dad to wish him a very Happy Birthday, just sad I can't be with him to help him celebrate.

Hope you are all well and not so on the huh! 

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx


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