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July Heatwave Beach O'Clock!

July Heatwave Beach O'Clock! by mardlemade featuring a swimsuits two piece
Vix , $180 / Coach swimsuits two piece / Clarks sandals / BAMBOO Natural ,Eco Friendly PESHTEMAL,High Quality Hand Woven Turkish...

Wow!  July is turning out to be a heatwave!  It's consistently been above 20 degrees here on the South Coast of England for about 2 weeks.....and regularly getting above 25 degrees most days.  I've reverted to wearing shorts to work, smart shorts that is.  I wasn't sure if they were suitable but I figured they were the most comfortable thing to cycle in and remain cool and presentable! (20-25 might not sound like a heatwave but this is the longest, warmest summer we have had for a loooooong time!)

This weekend I'm heading for the beach, hence the Polyvore swimsuit inspiration above.  Blue and white is just perfect for the beach, so classic.  I really love the eco friendly pesthemal turkish towel, I might have to get me one of those!  Oh, and I'd definitely need to find a cheaper version of that bikini!

This week I've mostly been cycle commuting, prepping campaigns, and pottering in the garden.  My strawberries are giving a bumper crop, and the raspberries are just coming to fruit, the first pea pods are emerging and it looks like I'll have a few courgettes too.  I love growing my own fruit and veg!  Do you grow anything? 

I've not spent much time indoors this week but here are a few things from around the web that have caught my eye.:
//A crazy storm hit Toronto on Monday and these photos captured it beautifully. Ominous approach, CN Tower?, Toronto or Gotham City, Damp Raccoon! Too cute!!!!!  I'm pleased to say all my family and friends are safe and well.
//I really want to make these s'mores bars, I love Shelly's conviction that hers are tastier than the coffe shops version!
//This would be the perfect beach bag!
//I love Brighton Beach by Rod Stewart, I heard it for the first time ever on  Tuesday, it is beautiful!
//These girls are awesome, their actions are epic!  Save the Arctic! 
//I love these Cuppow BNTO canning jars.  Genius idea, I just got the cuppow coffee cup/mason jar adaptor and I love it!

If you are in Dorset this weekend then you might enjoy: 

If you are elsewhere then maybe these will take your fancy: 
Chilli Festival, Shorham by Sea, West Sussex 
Artcrank, Bicycle inspired art exhibition, Manchester. 

Whatever you get up to this weekend, enjoy the warmth and sunshine, but remember, stay sunsafe and drink plenty of fluids.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx

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