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Pillow sharing/Folk on The Quay/Christchurch Music Festival
Spiers & Boden/Lobster Boy Birthday antics/Dorset Food Festival
Rover P5b/ Dorset Food Festival/S'mores!

Life over the last 3 weeks has been awesome, busy, sunny and wonderful!

At Work:
I've been a busy bee at work, I've been catching up post Toronto!  You might think summer is a quiet time at a university (you might think staff get the summer off....you would be wrong!) but actually it's a really busy time.  It's when all the construction and renovations get done and for me it's when I plan all my campaigns for the coming academic year.  
It's my first summer at uni and now I have a full academic year under my belt I'm really pleased to have this time to plan for the next one.  We've got some really exciting things going on and today I spent the day designing some biodiversity surveys.....and I might have spent a little while looking at cute photos of bats!

In the Studio:
I think the phrase is 'sweet-F-A!'  It's been so hot here......really!  It's consistently been above 25 degrees for about 3 weeks now and it's just too hot to be in the studio.  I've done a couple of repair jobs for friends but other than that nada, niente, nothing!  I have however been making design notes and sketches on my recent travels.

At Home:
I love being home!  Home is AMAZING! I've spent my evenings pottering around in the garden, tending to the fruit and veg, eating dinner outside, and breakfast for that matter.  I've been trying to tidy, but I hate being indoors when the weather is so good!  We've hosted BBQ's for friends and also enjoyed some quiet time, just the two of us, and SootyCat of course!

I get really bad post-holiday blues, I try to tell myself that I'm lucky to have been on holiday, but I can't help it, and this time was especially bad.  Leaving family and friends behind was hard.  Since we've been back we've been trying to fill our time with friends, family and fun things to do.  The Boy knows me well and he knows that the best thing to do is remind me how good we have it and to keep me occupied!  We've therefore been to food fairs, music festivals, BBQ's with friends, Sausage & Cider festivals, Wine Tastings, and much much more.  And with all this sun I think we've hardly spent an evening indoors!

What have you been up to my lovelies?  How have you been enjoying the sunshine?  I'd love to know, leave me a comment below.

 Happy Monday. xx

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