Belated Birthday Presents are the BEST!!!!

So I've said it before and I'll say it again.......I have the best friends EVER!

I recently celebrated a birthday and my friends Al & Sarah forewarned me that my present would be late but that it would totally be worth the wait.  Saying that it took longer to order than it would 'usually'.......

.......intrigued, a week or two went by and yesterday I received a text saying it had arrived and that it couldn't wait until tomorrow and they HAD to see me that evening!  So after much hype and anticipation I headed over to their house to collect my present.......wondering if I would have to be polite and say I LOVED it when perhaps a didn't.  Sarah was so excited....and needless to say so was I!

And O-M-G there was no need to worry, no need to feign excitement and joy..........it was undoubtedly one of the best presents I've ever received................

.............It was.................my very own handmade Camila Prada mug!

A new collection, the Cry Baby Mug from the amazing Camila Prada is such a cute shape, with the most adorable decals.

I just love the little birdie on the side.  And that handle, it's such a joy to hold.  I also love the shape of the body of the mug, it's a great size and the taper at the top means your drink stays nice and toasty.

My friends know me so well and they know that I'd love something handmade, it's so personal.  Cry Baby is sure to be my mug of choice for my morning coffee from now on. 

Oh, and the best bit...............they had it personalised!

Now, I know that the personalisation won't mean anything to you but needless to say it had me in tears of laughter.  The personalisation is two quotes from two completely separate incidents which both had me in uncontrollable giggles of tears, and they still do!  Al & Sarah geniously put the two together.  Now every morning as my coffee depletes I'll read that little personalisation and have a little giggle once more.  I wonder if it was the oddest personalisation request Camila had!

The personalisation is a special offer and whilst the offer has run out for now you can still get the mug and LOTS of other gorgeous items from her shop. I've got my eye on Sweet Talker! Go check the shop out now!

Thanks Al & Sarah, you are the best!  And thanks Camila for the beautifulness you bring to my morning coffee!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies!

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