Broad Norfolk - Fumble Fisted

Mr. Clumsy
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One of the things I like most about Norfolk Dialect is that the words often do sounds exactly like what they mean.  They can be really descriptive, almost as if they were painting you a picture.

This week's Broad Norfolk phrase does just that ................

.......................Fumble Fisted!

That is to say that someone is clumsy.

What a great expression, I really think it spells out the action of being clumpsy.  Much like the phrase butter fingers does.

Does your dialect have a word for being clumsy?

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx


  1. Mr Clumsy woke up, and reached out an arm to switch off his alarm clock.
    And knocked it onto the floor.
    "Whoops" he said "That's the third alarm clock l've broken this week".
    Mr Clumsy, as you might have guessed, was a rather clumsy fellow.
    He got out of bed and switched on the radio....
    (oooops! getting a bit carried away....) :>).

    In Sicily/Italy....We have six words that mean clumsy....Depends on the region...
    Couple come to mind...
    Senza Tatto....Tactless and clumsy!
    Mal Construito...Clumsy!
    And, a couple of 'rude' ones....HeHe!

    1. Hey Willie

      I love Mal Construito! It reallys sounds like it means clumsy!

      Em xx


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