Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations - Yay for Friday!!!!

(Comfy shoes!)

It's been another week of ups and downs, and a busy week too. I've finally got a diagnosis for my foot.....Plantar Fasciitis. The physio has given me exercises to do and has said I can swim to ease the sedentary-boredom, but I'm still not allowed to do a lot of walking.....and I've got on orthotic to go in my shoe....I mean really, how old am I? Is it it really downhill from 30? I'm only 33!!!!  Turns out lots of people I know have had Plantar Fasciitis so I've been getting lots of advice which is nice.  Have you had it?  Got any top tips to ease the pain and aid the healing?

This week I've been on the old computer a bit more and am really enjoying a few new-to-me blogs:
Ria's Ideas is great, full of lots of interesting places, previews, fashion and much more.
I love Mijas beautiful outfit-post photography. The photos are so full of light and I love her style.
I'm also enjoying Fashion Me Now by Lucy Williams
This week I'm coveting a few things for Autumn:
These Liberty's X Vans trainers, oh, and these ones too.....and these ones! (inspired by Mija's blog!).  A girl can never have too many pairs of Vans right? I currently have 8, I think!
This skirt from American Vintage, I love the raw edge.
And this jumper from Monkstone......I'm looking forward to snuggling in a cosy jumper after a brisk beach walk. Oh and this hat too! 

This weekend I'm digging out plants from my sister-in-laws garden as she's having a large amount of building work done and we need plants for our garden so we're re-homing them. Plants are so expensive! Not sure how much digging I'll be able to do what with the special foot! Plus I'm sure I'll squeeze in some cake eating, and some friends too. 

What are you up to this weekend? If you're at a loose end why not check out the following:
Buckham Fair, Dorset 
Street Feast, London

Whatever you're up to I hope you have a great one.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx

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