Outfit of the Day - 30 Degrees in the Shade

What I wore:
Denim Shirt - Gap
Vest - Zara
Shorts - Ralph Lauren (sale!)
Shoes - Hudson Shoes (from The Hambledon Gallery)
Bag - Isak & Inger (from Model Citizen, Toronto)
Sunnies - Ray Ban (style, Laramie)
Jewellery - Mardle Made

Where I wore it: Work, dress down Friday in a 30 degrees office!

I bought these shorts from the Ralph Lauren concession in my local House of Fraser and I love them!  When we returned from Toronto it seems we brought the weather back with us and a few weeks ago it was a whopping 30 degrees in our office, no air-con here you know!

It's Dress-down-Fridays in our office, although to be fair because I work in student engagement I'm fairly dressed down most days!  I wouldn't normally wear shorts to work but what with the 30 degree heat and cycling to work I figured these smart casual shorts we be acceptable.  

I got a few looks from other colleagues, but I got a few nice comments too.  No-one reprimanded me so that's all that matters.  I wouldn't wear them if I was driving it, or if I had a meeting but for a Friday sat in a baking hot office they were perfect.

Can you get away with wearing shorts at work?  Would you want to if you could?

Happy Thursday my lovelies, it's almost the weekend!! xx


  1. Cute outfit! Love the jacket. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com

  2. Hey M&K

    Thanks for stopping by. Loving your blog, your adventures look like fun. And the coffee shops where you are look AMAZING!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    Em xx


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