Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

Wow, arrivals fortnight at work is finally over, it's been an especially testing couple of weeks for me, I've been running a number of events and it's not easy with a nasty foot injury. That said it's been a fun couple of weeks, meeting lots of new students, running some fun competitions and generally seeing the uni full and bustling again.

As Autumn grows ever stronger I've started to hear more and more people talking about Christmas, and the invites are coming in for the many Christmas parties (No!  It's too early I tell you, too early....oh well, if I must plan an outfit.....) so with that in mind my Friday favourites this week are based around what I'm thinking would be a good outfit for some festive-festivities!

1 // Kimono - Seasalt
2 // Jumpsuit - Topshop
3 // Clutch - Scout and Catalogue
4 // Shoes - Zara

I've always wanted a black jumpsuit but have never found one I really liked, this silk one is definitely on the top of my 'to buy' list!  The kimono is the perfect cover-up to hop from the car to the front door, and a nice addition of colour too.  I've been coveting this clutch from Scout and Catalogue for some time, neat in size whilst still big enough for all the essentials.  And these shoes, how amazing are they, so nice to have something stylish AND flat!

And some other things which have caught my eye from around the web:
//After reading this post I really want to go to Franks Cafe on my next visit to London!
//Are you looking to move to the country but remain working in a city?  Then why not apply to be on Kirstie Allsops new programme, Best of Both Worlds.
//These baby pandas are just too cute!
//This Masala Chai recipe looks divine, I can't wait to try it. The perfect Autumn drink. Thanks to Joanna from A Cup of Jo for sharing it.
//Would you hang a swing in your home?  I probably would, if I had space!

This weekend I'm working at Freshers Fair on Saturday, having brekkie with the girls on Sunday and spending Sunday afternoon doing some silversmithing.  What are you lot up to this weekend?  Need some ideas?.....

Things to do this weekend:
//Don't forget Arts by the Sea is still running, there's lots to see and do.  Find out all about it here.
//Shaftesbury Carnival, Dorset
//Sorted Surf Festival, Boscombe, Bournemouth
//Real Food Festival, Behind the Southbank Centre, London.  This happens every weekend!   
//Are you a book worm?  Then why not check out Wimbledon BookFest, Wimbledon Common.

Here's hoping you all have a lovely weekend.

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Enjoy the Ride

I was recently reminded of this saying, 'Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey'.  What a great way of looking at life!  Of course we are all striving to be happy, I mean who isn't!  But happiness is not the final destination, it is not the end point, if we were all suddenly happy where would we go from there?

Happiness is most certainly a journey.  In life we go through many ups and downs, peaks and troughs and it is in these troughs that it is most important to remember this saying.  You might feel like your engine has stalled, that your journey is going round in circles or even in the wrong direction.  You might feel lost.  It's at these times that we learn most about ourselves.  We might not like what we learn, we might love what we learn, we might even be surprised by what we learn, and what we are capable of.  

It's at these times of great learning that our journey begins again and we don't even realise it.  We progress forward in life, learning about ourselves and others along the way.  Our journey might take us in a direction we weren't expecting, it might take us to places we have been before.  Even with the most careful of planning our journey could end up going cross-country.  

It is all to easy to compare our lives to others around us.  Don't.  Everyone is on their own journey, whilst our paths will cross, and at times we will share that path, we are all on our own individual journey.  Enjoy the times spent travelling together, learn from those who join you along the way but don't ever compare your journeys.  No two peoples journeys are ever the same.  You can never truly know the path that has led someone to join you for part of your journey. 

Wherever your journey should take you, remember to always enjoy the ride.

Happy Thursday my lovelies. xx


Broad Norfolk Wednesday - Jasper

(Piccie from here)
This weeks Broad Norfolk is...............Jasper........

.............A Wasp!

It's that time of year when the last of the wasps are out and they're all sleepy and stingy!  Thankfully I've not been stung yet but I know some people who have.

I have no idea why a wasp is called a jasper, do any of you know?

Another thing called Jasper in my life............my little doggie!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx


Arts by the Sea 2013 - Mutoid Waste

This weekend sees the launch of Arts by the Sea Festival 2013, an artist led, multi-artform festival.  It's held in Bournemouth and runs from 20 September to 12 October.  We've been going for the last 3 years (see last years blog here) and it's fantastic.  There is peformance art, walks, talks, film, music and much, much more.

Last night I ventured down to the seafront to see Mutoid Waste, the dream child of Joe Rush.  It was amazing!  A specially created sculptural parade opens the festival with anamatronics, lights, sound and special effects.  The parades are taking place in the gardens, along the seafront and on pier approach throughout the weekend. 

Have you been down yet?  What have you seen?  We're heading down again today to check out some of the other art installations and performances.  To find out what's on over the coming weeks click here. I'm looking forward to Chorus Ray Lee, Rimski Piano, Vintage Mobile Cinema ( I've been before!), The art of visual effects, and the Hitchcock films, to name just a few!

For now, I'll leave you with some photos of Mutoid Waste.

Happy sunday my lovelies. xx


Travel // Copenhagen Calling

St. Petersburg freelance illustrator Xenia Bystrova created a four poster series of Berlin, Amsterdam, Helsinki and Copenhagen. This is the Copenhagen poster which features it’s famous harbor buildings, Oresund Bridge and the Copenhagen Rosenborg slot (castle).
(Piccie frome here)

So I'm thinking of planning a long weekend in Copenhagen........have any of you been?

I'd love some top tips on the following:
//Places to stay
//Cafes or coffee shops
//Nightlife...particularly places that make great cocktails
//Cultural activities

To be honest, any top tips would be great.

Are you planning any weekends away?   

Happy stormy Sunday afternoon my lovelies. xx


Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

So the evenings are definitely turning chilly here in Dorset.  Autumn is showing it's hand!  It's that odd time of year where the afternoons are often muggy but the nights are chilly, and that calls for one thing.......layers!  Ok, that's numerous things but you know what I mean!  

This is the perfect autumn outfit for me, perhaps with the addition of a lightweight snood!  You can find this American Vintage outfit here

Other things which have caught my eye around the web this week:
//This snood from Bark Decor on Etsy.
//This sweater from Vacation Vintage.
//This dress from Need Supply Co, maybe a little crazy for my taste but I like it.
//Loving these boots on final sale.....but only a size 37 available.....noooooo!!!!!!
//This top from RVCA.
//Frog photobombs NASA launch photo!
//How to achieve the perfect nap.

This weekend I'm intending on doing a wardrobe review, and perhaps a little ebay-ing!  Plus I'm hoping to get back in the Silversmithig studio, watch this space!  

Have you done a seasonal wardrobe review yet?  Any top tips for me?

If you are in Dorset/Hampshire/London why not check out these events:
//Sturminster Newton Cheese Festival
//Southsea Fest
//London Design Festival

Happy Friday my lovelies. xx


Autumn Inspiration


Autumn is fast approaching and to get myself in the mood for a change of season I thought I'd turn to Pinterest for some inspiration.

And because Raccoons are just too cute......

(All photos from Pinterest)

Are you ready for Autumn?

Happy Thursday my lovelies. xx


Broad Norfolk - Betsy-and-Jane

always with butter 
So this weeks Broad Norfolk is Betsy-and-Jane, meaning a small piece of cheese on a small piece of bread.

I chose Betsy-and-Jane as it very neatly describes my appetite at the moment.....that is, I fancy nothing more than a small piece of cheese on a small piece of bread!  It's gone, not sure where but it has.  Do you lose your appetite sometimes?  

It feels really weird because I love my food, as you can probably tell from previous blog posts!  But every so often my appetite disappears, only for a week or two.  Perhaps it is to establish some sort of balance, a reset perhaps when the everyday over-indulgence becomes too much!

Just this weekend The Boy took me out for coffee and cake and I couldn't face it....instead we had a Spanish meat and cheese platter to share.   It's weird!  Lets hope the wind doesn't change, I might stay this way forever!

Happy Wednesday my bewties!  xx


Essentials - In My Weekend Bag

I thought I'd try out a new type of post....Essentials.  So here's the first one, Essentials - What's in my Weekend Bag.

As you already know The Boy and I recently took a trip to Devon for a long weekend, and this is what I packed:

//Bag:  Vintage, Charity Shop
//Toiletries bag:  People Tree
//Jumper:  Press, bought from Lavish & Squalor in Toronto
//Whites Vests:  Zara
//Peach Vest:  American Vintage
//Jeans:  Uniqlo
//Flip flops:  Havaiannas
//Dainties:  Calvin Klein & Aerie
//Bikini:  Gul (when they used to do street style as well as tech clothing)

I always seem to over pack but this time around I got it nailed!  Even The Boy asked me is I had packed enough, but I managed to pack just right.  I wore the bulkiest item for the road trip to keep me warm for the journey, read about it here, and other than the above I also took my Joules Wellibobs for wearing around the camp and a light waterproof jacket.

We picked up this weekend bag from a charity shop and it has been one of our best vintage purchases, just the right size for weekends away.  As you can tell I love the Zara vests, so much so I packed two of them!  They are cut with a rounded hem and have a racer back, and the material is beautiful for hot sunny days.  The jumper I packed also had a rounded hem, it's definitely a cut that really suits my shape.

Even though I'm not currently allowed to wear flip flops they are always essential packing for me and on this trip they were perfect for the short trip between our shepherds hut and the shower.

And finally, when it's summer you can't go away for a weekend without a bikini!  I love this one from Gul as it is reversible so it's 2 bikini's in 1.....and with this seasons craze for mismatching bikinis you could even make it 4 bikinis in 1! 

What do you pack when you go away?  What are you absolute must pack items?  Do you pack light or like me do you tend to over pack?

I decided to make this post a little more fun and tag a few bloggers whose style I like and invite them to blog about their essentials for a weekend away so here goes:

//Rosie of A Rosie Outlook
//Karen of The Peony Tree
//Allie of The Friday Girl
//Justine of Cashmere Times
//Becca of The Southerner

Can't wait to read your posts ladies.

Happy Monday my lovelies. xx


Friday Fancies & Weekend Temptations

Wow, another week passes by and the year rolls swiftly on!  Does anyone else feel like the year is running away with them??

It’s been a busy couple of weeks what with planning for the new academic year at work, having a weekend away in Devon, and having family to stay and visiting the Great Dorset Steam Fair and the Bournemouth Air Festival.  It’s been amazing but I am pleased to have a weekend of relaxing to look forward to!

As the weather turns more autumnal here in England I’m definitely thinking more about layers, and cosy clothing.  I think yesterday might have been the final wear of shorts for the year!  (*sobs!*) but I’m definitely looking forward to breaking out the sweaters and dare I say it, boots!  
With that in mind, here are my top picks this week:

1. Jumper from American Vintage, I love the jagged cut of it, and the extra long arms!
2. Hat from  H&M 
3. Tote from Scout & Catalogue
4. Hudson Boots, perfect for the autumn transition.
5. High rise skinnies from Gap 

Other links from around the web:
//I am totally in love with this scarf from Scout & Catalogue too.
//Did you know it's Organic September?  Will you be changing anything?  I'm already buying organic milk, beauty products, and occaisionally orgainc meat, but this september I'm upping the game and making sure that all teh meat I buy is organic.  
//Did you hear about the building in London which is melting cars?
//Check out The Awesome Photo Blog, stunning!

What are your plans for the weekend?  I’ll be chilling with friends, relaxing, getting my hair cut and getting back into the Silversmithing Studio!  There will of course be much cake eating and coffee drinking!

If you are looking for things to do this weekend then why not check out:

//Guitars on the Beach, Lyme Regis, Dorset

Wow, that’s a bumper crop of events, seem like it’s a busy weekend out there!

Whatever you are up to I hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Friday my lovelies! xx


Outfit of the Day - On the Road to Devon

What I wore:
Hoodie: Superdry Orange Label
T-shirt: Stussy (circa 2012/13?  Can't remember!)
Shorts: H&M (circa 2012)
Belt: Vintage
Kicks: Vans x Liberty, from The Consortium Store
Bag: Isak & Inger, from Model Citizen, Toronto
Jewellery: Mardle Made
Watch: Omega, Post burglary treat!
Sunnies: Ray Ban, Laramie (circa 2011)

Where I wore it: Road trip to Devon

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago for the drive down to Devon.  It was the perfect outfit, comfortable whilst still being warm (we've got a convertible and the hood was down....ooooo posh!).  Comfort when travelling has to be the main priority, don't you think?

I love this Stussy t-shirt, I bought it in the January sales a year or two back and it looks great with shorts.  I don't own many t-shirts, perhaps I should buy a few more!

But my favourite part of this outfit???.......well it has to be my new Vans x Liberty kicks.  I LOVE them!  I bought them as a special treat after I injured my foot.  I have to wear sensible shoes so thought I'd treat myself.  They look great with shorts and jeans and are perfect for the transition from summer to Autumn.

I love making my own jewellery and thought I'd give you a close up.  I love working with the metal, it's a great stress reliever!  The earrings are part of a new collection I'm working on (delayed by too much good weather and the want to be outside!).  The bangle was one of the first things I made, and the bracelet was to replace an old one, it has a tag with Mardle Made stamped on it.  The ring is a spinner ring I made in one of my early silversmithing classes.  And the watch, well that was to replace the 7 watches I had stolen in the burglary........Every watch I ever owned, including the one I learnt to tell the time on!  I love the new one though!

Do you have a favourite travelling outfit?  The hoodie in this one is one of the snuggliest things, I wore it on my flight to Toronto and it was so soft and comforting on the plane.

Happy Thursday my lovelies, it's almost the weekend! xx


Broad Norfolk - Dinge

Fo Drizzle
(Piccie from here)

I bloody love this weeks Broad Norfolk.....if only for the picture above!.......


Meaning light rain, or drizzle.

I think the picture says it all!

Happy Wednesday my lovelies. xx


Crafty Camping - One of the Best Weekends of My Life

Over the recent Bank Holiday weekend The Boy and I took a little trip to Devon and it turned out to be one of the best weekends ever!  Don't you just love it when something good turns into something unbelievably great?
I'd booked tickets to see The Martin Harley Band at River Cottage HQ, a place I've fallen in love with since my visit there back in April on a Corporate Build and Bake day.  Whilst chatting with the lovely team at RCHQ on twitter I came across Guy Mallinson's Crafty Camping and Woodland Workshops and thought it looked like the perfect place to stay after the gig.  I booked us into Bodger, the shepherds hut for the whole Bank Holiday weekend.
I'd been looking forward to this weekend for ages and finally it arrived.  We took the Friday afternoon off work and headed down to Crafty Camping, just north of Axminster.  We arrived at the woodland camp and apart form a car park and small sign you'd never know it was there.  We followed our map and headed down the woodland path, into the trees, down the hill and to our home for the next few days.......it was stunningly beautiful!

Crafty camping is a woodland camp, constructed by Guy just last year.  There are bell tents, a tipi, yurts and a shepherds hut, some with en suite open air showers and some some sharing open air showers.  There is a communal kitchen and a communal social yurt.  There is hot running water and each accommodation has power and a wood burner.  There is even a little on site shop selling pizza dough (for use in the wood fired pizza oven in the kitchen) and pies, plus woodland crafts and a few other useful bits and bobs.

I booked Bodger as I've always wanted to stay in a shepherds hut, in fact I'd love one as my silversmithing studio, and he was beautiful! He came with his own deck, en suite and hammock.

Although he was compact, there was plenty of space, with underbed storage, seating, clever shelving, hanging pegs and a cool box to keep our milk (cider and wine!) cool during our stay.  The deck came equipped with everything we needed, table, chairs, BBQ/fire pit and hammock, all overlooking the woodland lake.

Bodgers en suite was fantastic, a little cabin with a loo, sink, and open top shower, with as much hot running water as you wanted.  Plus there was complimentary eco-friendly shower gel, shampoo and conditioner.......all to help the on site bio-digester cope with the water waste produced on site.

The open top shower was such an amazing experience.  Showering in the opening air, looking up through the trees at the clear blue sky was amazing.  We were lucky with the weather but Guy assures us it is truly amazing in the rain....and I believe him.  It was magical!
The communal kitchen was equally well equipped with cooker, hob, sink, wood fired pizza oven, and all the crockery and cooking utensils you could need.  There was even complimentary clipper tea and Dorset Cereals.  The kitchen had a great big communal table and we spent a couple of lovely evening chatting and laughing with other guests, mostly at the amount of pizzas being cooked....apparently pizza always comes in threes......who knew!

We had great fun exploring the local area and returning each night to our beautiful camp, lighting the wood burner and snuggling up listening to the wildlife outside.  Unfortunately we didn't get chance to try out the sauna but its on our to do list for our next visit........I think next time we'll try out a yurt, I like the look of Coracle!
Crafty camping is a truly magical place, and guess what you lot, you could even win a trip there!......Dorset Cereals are currently running a competition so if it sounds like the sort of place you'd like to stay in, get over to their site and get playing for your chance to win!
Guy also runs Woodland Workshops at the camp, check out all the details here.  And he's got some amazing plans for the future, including some tree houses!!!!

Many thanks Guy, we had the best time ever!
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