Broad Norfolk - Betsy-and-Jane

always with butter 
So this weeks Broad Norfolk is Betsy-and-Jane, meaning a small piece of cheese on a small piece of bread.

I chose Betsy-and-Jane as it very neatly describes my appetite at the moment.....that is, I fancy nothing more than a small piece of cheese on a small piece of bread!  It's gone, not sure where but it has.  Do you lose your appetite sometimes?  

It feels really weird because I love my food, as you can probably tell from previous blog posts!  But every so often my appetite disappears, only for a week or two.  Perhaps it is to establish some sort of balance, a reset perhaps when the everyday over-indulgence becomes too much!

Just this weekend The Boy took me out for coffee and cake and I couldn't face it....instead we had a Spanish meat and cheese platter to share.   It's weird!  Lets hope the wind doesn't change, I might stay this way forever!

Happy Wednesday my bewties!  xx

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