Enjoy the Ride

I was recently reminded of this saying, 'Happiness is not a destination, it is a journey'.  What a great way of looking at life!  Of course we are all striving to be happy, I mean who isn't!  But happiness is not the final destination, it is not the end point, if we were all suddenly happy where would we go from there?

Happiness is most certainly a journey.  In life we go through many ups and downs, peaks and troughs and it is in these troughs that it is most important to remember this saying.  You might feel like your engine has stalled, that your journey is going round in circles or even in the wrong direction.  You might feel lost.  It's at these times that we learn most about ourselves.  We might not like what we learn, we might love what we learn, we might even be surprised by what we learn, and what we are capable of.  

It's at these times of great learning that our journey begins again and we don't even realise it.  We progress forward in life, learning about ourselves and others along the way.  Our journey might take us in a direction we weren't expecting, it might take us to places we have been before.  Even with the most careful of planning our journey could end up going cross-country.  

It is all to easy to compare our lives to others around us.  Don't.  Everyone is on their own journey, whilst our paths will cross, and at times we will share that path, we are all on our own individual journey.  Enjoy the times spent travelling together, learn from those who join you along the way but don't ever compare your journeys.  No two peoples journeys are ever the same.  You can never truly know the path that has led someone to join you for part of your journey. 

Wherever your journey should take you, remember to always enjoy the ride.

Happy Thursday my lovelies. xx

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  1. "Happiness keeps you sweet, Trials keep you strong,
    Sorrows keep you human, Failures keep you humble,
    Success keeps you glowing, but....Only friends keep you


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