Essentials - In My Weekend Bag

I thought I'd try out a new type of post....Essentials.  So here's the first one, Essentials - What's in my Weekend Bag.

As you already know The Boy and I recently took a trip to Devon for a long weekend, and this is what I packed:

//Bag:  Vintage, Charity Shop
//Toiletries bag:  People Tree
//Jumper:  Press, bought from Lavish & Squalor in Toronto
//Whites Vests:  Zara
//Peach Vest:  American Vintage
//Jeans:  Uniqlo
//Flip flops:  Havaiannas
//Dainties:  Calvin Klein & Aerie
//Bikini:  Gul (when they used to do street style as well as tech clothing)

I always seem to over pack but this time around I got it nailed!  Even The Boy asked me is I had packed enough, but I managed to pack just right.  I wore the bulkiest item for the road trip to keep me warm for the journey, read about it here, and other than the above I also took my Joules Wellibobs for wearing around the camp and a light waterproof jacket.

We picked up this weekend bag from a charity shop and it has been one of our best vintage purchases, just the right size for weekends away.  As you can tell I love the Zara vests, so much so I packed two of them!  They are cut with a rounded hem and have a racer back, and the material is beautiful for hot sunny days.  The jumper I packed also had a rounded hem, it's definitely a cut that really suits my shape.

Even though I'm not currently allowed to wear flip flops they are always essential packing for me and on this trip they were perfect for the short trip between our shepherds hut and the shower.

And finally, when it's summer you can't go away for a weekend without a bikini!  I love this one from Gul as it is reversible so it's 2 bikini's in 1.....and with this seasons craze for mismatching bikinis you could even make it 4 bikinis in 1! 

What do you pack when you go away?  What are you absolute must pack items?  Do you pack light or like me do you tend to over pack?

I decided to make this post a little more fun and tag a few bloggers whose style I like and invite them to blog about their essentials for a weekend away so here goes:

//Rosie of A Rosie Outlook
//Karen of The Peony Tree
//Allie of The Friday Girl
//Justine of Cashmere Times
//Becca of The Southerner

Can't wait to read your posts ladies.

Happy Monday my lovelies. xx

1 comment:

  1. I think a lot of guys, pack much like
    the ladies do!
    I certainly over pack! :).
    BUT...There's one thing, that l always
    have in my 'hand' bag...Is my Ronson,
    hair-dryer. Remember the advert...The
    housewife hoovering the front room, with
    the hair-dryer over her shoulder, with the
    tube attached to a hood, over her head!
    I've been half way round the
    world..(Can't be bothered with the rest).
    And that hair-dryer has been next to me,
    at ALL times, it celebrates it's birthday,
    this month, as l do! It's 44yrs old, yep!
    44. It's been used, except on the odd Sunday,
    every day, week in, week out, year in, year
    out! Goodness knows what l'd do with out it!!

    Just last year l wondered if it was worth anything, being that old...In fact l have
    seen them on Ebay for £10-£16..
    And, to think, l used to buy my daughter a
    hair-dryer every 4-6 months....! :).


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